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  1. Sandi Carstensen says:
    Please put your freezer meals in a book!
    • Camille Beckstrand says:
      We are working on something!! You can go here to check it out: https://sixsistersstuff.clickfunnels.com/optin1647543139640
  2. Iola zinn says:
    I love freezer meals. I think Six Sisters' are the best. Do you have a Freezer Meal cookbook? That would be awesome.
    • Camille Beckstrand says:
      You might be interested in something we are working on!! https://sixsistersstuff.clickfunnels.com/optin1647543139640
  3. Susan says:
    Please make a printed book with the freezer recipes!
    • Momma Cyd says:
      We have one coming this summer on our Prepear app, but it is not printed.
      • Kathy says:
        Tell me about the prepear app
  4. E Smith says:
    How can I convert these and use them in my crockpot?
    • Momma Cyd says:
      Some of these are on our website as slow cooker meals too. Many can easily be converted over to the slow cooker. Here is a link on some helpful tips for converting recipes to the slow cooker - https://mycrazygoodlife.com/convert-instant-pot-recipes-crockpot/
  5. Janet Monk says:
    Can the instant pot recipes be adjusted for a Ninja pressure cooker?
    • Momma Cyd says:
      Yes, the Ninja works just the same as an Instant Pot.
  6. katbat says:
    You guys are the BEST! Thank you so much for these recipes!
  7. Donna Young says:
    Do you have any diabetic meals Thank you
  8. Al Lang says:
    How do i freeze these dinners without them freezing to the freezer, or each other. I nearly wrecked my freezer rack trying to get them out, and pulled the bags apart.
    • A Hoss says:
      Put wax or parchment paper between them when you place in the freezer
    • Jane Lyman says:
      I also like to put the prepared freezer meal bag inside a paper lunch sack! It keeps them from sticking together or to the freezer. If you have racks in your freezer, you can also put a cutting board or cookie sheet underneath them until they are frozen so they don't get stuck in the racks!
  9. Amy H says:
    I don't have an insta pot, I have a crock pot and old fashioned pressure cooker. Could I adapt these?
    • Momma Cyd says:
      Sure, a lot of these could easily be done in a slow cooker.
  10. Angela Saunders says:
    So I have a 3 quart insta pot do these recipes work for this size?
    • Momma Cyd says:
      You might need to cut the recipes in half. We use the 6 quart for most of these recipes.
  11. Chrysta Nightengale says:
    What's the cook time for the country ribs in the instant pot? And do I use NPR or QR?
    • Momma Cyd says:
      We have a few instant pot rib recipes. The Instant Pot BBQ Country Style ribs cook for 25 minutes, and then a natural release for 10 minutes. The Instant Pot Country Style Pork ribs cook for 25 minutes and then a natural release which should be about 20 minutes. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions.
  12. Ciara says:
    If I put these straight into the instant pot still frozen, do I need to add some additional liquid to make it come up to pressure? Or can I leave them frozen as they are?
    • Momma Cyd says:
      Most of the recipes will give you instructions on whether you need to add extra liquid or not.
  13. Patricia Hogge says:
    Please…oh PLEASE…put your Insta-Pot/Crock-Pot FREEZER RECIPE MEALS into a COOKBOOK. It’s much easier for me to follow a RECIPE in a Book, that to try to follow a Video Recipe. You would make $$$$ if you put these 100 FREEZER MEALS in a COOKBOOK dedicated to this particular subject. I watch your Videos and love them. But as far a following recipe directions, I just can’t keep up. Have to back-track, time & time again. It’s frustrating. Warmest regards.
    • Camille Beckstrand says:
      We are working on something right now! You can join the waitlist here: https://sixsistersstuff.clickfunnels.com/optin1647543139640
  14. Amy says:
    I love your recipes and ideas so much!!!! I know you have an ebook for freezer meals but PLEASE just put out a printed book!!!
    • Camille Beckstrand says:
      We are working on something right now!! You can join the waitlist here: https://sixsistersstuff.clickfunnels.com/optin1647543139640
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