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  1. Vanesa says:
    I would love to do this recipe! I can’t buy pinto beans in Argentina. Can I use kidney beans or any other kind? Thank you! Greetings from Bs As!
    • Momma Cyd says:
      Refried beans are usually always made with Pinto beans. If you use a different bean, you'll have a totally different taste.
  2. Janell says:
    Now I really like refried beans. This recipe has become a regular in my house. I am wondering what one serving is 1/2 cup?

    5 stars

  3. Julie Clark says:
    This is my favorite Instant Pot refried bean recipe I have come across. It is the only one I use and I have used it many time. I like to use bone broth made from the instant pot if possible. It makes the beans taste so amazing and fresh. I end up keeping a lot more of the bean juice to where it seems kind of runny but it firms up and does MUCH BETTER if refrigerated or frozen. Thanks for such a great recipe!

    5 stars

    • Momma Cyd says:
      Thanks Julie for letting us know that you like this IP Refried Beans Recipe. Great to hear that you use the bone broth from the IP when possible. Sounds amazing.
  4. Kimette says:
    Oh my gosh, these beans are WONDERFUL! I love making lazy burritos with them. That’s where we just get a whole wheat flour tortilla, add the beans along with some salsa and shedded cheese, fold it up and eat. We’re too impatient to even toast the burritos before diving in! Thank you!!
    • Momma Cyd says:
      Lazy Burritos sound delicious!
  5. Addie Ashton says:
    I love how these beans taste, but my beans are never done when they come out of the instant pot. I’ve made this recipe three times and keep increasing the cook time. Today I pressured them for an hour and 5 minutes and the natural release took about 35 minutes, and the beans were still a little hard. I just dump everything into a pot and finish the cooking on the stove. Any suggestions? They still taste fantastic, they’re just not as convenient.

    4 stars

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