Kristen, Lauren, Camille, Kendra, Cyd, and Steph of Six Sisters Stuff

Table Talk for Moms Podcast

Hey, Mama! Take a seat, grab a treat, let’s talk! Join us around our kitchen counter - where we talk, listen, learn, and change the world.
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As moms, it can be so lonely. Sometimes it feels like you are the only one trying to figure this all out That you are juggling 100 different things and you are dropping all of them. What you may not know, or realize, is that other people are struggling with the same things that you are going through.

We’ve started this podcast to help you feel encouragement, joy, and to find community and sisterhood when you tune in each week! Listen as we speak with inspiring professionals and dive deep into the exact things you’re struggling with. Start to recognize your true self worth and feel how much you are needed and loved.

No more feeling alone, lost or misunderstood.

There is a seat for you at our counter!

Kristen, Lauren, Camille, Kendra, Cyd, and Steph of Six Sisters Stuff


Lauren and Kristen at The Kitchen Counter


Stephanie and Cyd at the Kitchen Counter

Mental Health

Camille and Kendra


Cyd, Stephanie, Kendra, Kristen, Lauren, and Camille of Six Sisters' Stuff

Kendra, Kristen, Cyd, Camille, Stephanie, and Lauren of Six Sisters' Stuff and The Kitchen Counter Podcast

Get to know the women behind the counter!

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Listener Reviews

Having no sisters of my own, I have really connected with this podcast! I have followed six sisters stuff for well over a decade, and have always appreciated their focus on food and family, two of my favorite things. Their latest episode on anxiety in motherhood was exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for all you guys do-I look forward to each new episode!
Thank you for starting this podcast series. I have listened to, and enjoyed, every episode so far! Your precious transparency, openness , and sharing will not be wasted. All your podcast topics are the real deal for real life. Thank you for all you do! You are a huge part of my daily life!
This Podcast is my new favorite! The conversations are so real, relevant and emotional at times. I could feel the passion of the sisters as they share their thoughts and hearts. I’m a mom and grandma, and loved listening, as it also helps me navigate my relationships with my children and my grandchildren. Great job ladies💜
Love the light these sisters bring into the world. Wonderful conversations and am loving the topics. Love that there’s no talks of dieting or trying to fit a certain look or size. It’s just about being a good person and improving everyday! Love being a part of this sisterhood! And I will gladly take a seat at your kitchen counter any day!

The conversation-drive round table discussion, feel-good, girl talk session you’ve been waiting for!

Come sit with us, laugh with us, cry with us, and learn with us as we talk about the different challenges and problems we face today as moms, wives, sisters, and women in these kitchen counter conversations.

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