Looking for MORE Six Sisters’ Stuff? We have a collection of cookbooks that you’re sure to love. With Over 1,000 recipes from 9 published cookbooks, you’ll find everything you could ever want – from sweet treats to healthy eats and 6 ingredients or less to the tastiest copycat recipes around. Read more about each book below and see what some of our readers have to say about them!

Instant Cooking with Six Sisters' Stuff Cookbook

Instant Cooking

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Healthy Eats Cookbook

Healthy Eats

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Six Ingredients Cookbook by six sisters stuff

Six Ingredients

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Sweets and Treats Cookbook

Sweets & Treats

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Copycat Cooking Cookbook

Copycat Cooking

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Celebrate Every Season Cookbook

Celebrate Every Season

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12 Days of Christmas Cookbook

12 Days of Christmas

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Dinner Made Easy Cookbook

Dinner Made Easy

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A Year With Six Sisters' Stuff

A Year With Six Sisters’ Stuff

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Six Sisters' Stuff Cookbook

Six Sisters’ Stuff

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Kind Words from Our Readers

“I love Six Sisters’ new cookbook-Copycat Cooking! It has a ton of recipes that I love getting from some of my favorite restaurants, and now I can make them from home and save some money too. 🙂 I love how most of the ingredients I already have in my pantry, I love how easy to read the recipes are, and I love that a picture is included. The first thing I made when I got the cookbook was the copycat Texas Roadhouse rolls with the cinnamon honey butter. They turned out great! I actually preferred their recipe for the cinnamon honey butter over what they serve at the restaurant.” – Nikki C. on Copycat Cooking

“Once again, I’m thoroughly impressed with the recipes found in the new Six Sisters cookbook. This cookbook though is going to the top of my list. Each recipe is six ingredients or less. To this single, working mom recipes like this are gold to me. Any time I can get dinner ready quickly and inexpensively is a win for me.” – S. Staley on Six Ingredients

“I love this book; I want to give one to everyone I know; my daughter and I have tried so many of the recipes, and LOVE them.” – Karen C. on Six Sisters’ Stuff

“This is a must have for busy moms and working people who don’t have a lot of time to figure out a meal plan that is balanced and very tasteful recipes. I’ve used many of the ideas already and I have not been disappointed once. I highly recommend this book. It’s not only a well developed menu planner but it offers a lot of fun ideas for kids and families to do that will make wonderful happy memories for all. I plan on buying some more as gifts to a few young, working moms in my family. I have no doubt they are going to love it.” – Jody M on A Year with Six Sisters’

“I am obsessed with cookbooks and have well over 50 but this is easily my favorite. Every day ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen that don’t take all day to make. It says for busy mom’s..but this is great for anyone! I don’t have kids but I work all day and don’t have time to spend hours on dinner so these are great!” – Jessica D. on Dinner Made Easy

“This has become my new go to cookbook. Everything I have made from this book, my kids have liked. That’s pretty much a first at my house…The recipes are fairly easy and straightforward for someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking very much. I highly recommend this to everyone from the seasoned chef to the person who doesn’t like to be in the kitchen.” – Bonnie H. on Healthy Eats

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