25 Delicious Camping Recipes

Our family loved camping growing up. It was one of our favorite memories, and the food was probably our favorite part. We put together a list of our top 25 favorite Delicious Camping Recipes, for you and your family to enjoy this summer.

Growing up, our dad loved to take all of us camping. I am sure you can imagine how it went with one boy, and seven girls out in nature.
We always had to find a camping spot, close to the bathrooms, in a well lit area (bears are terrifying), with not a lot of trees around us, because less bugs.
It got a little dramatic, and looking back, I’m sure it wore him right out, but it is still one of our favorite childhood memories, to this day.
One of our favorite traditions was all the food we would bring to cook over the fire, and enjoy as we talked at night. We loved spending our summer nights, especially the 4th of July, at the lake, or camping with a huge fire.
If you are heading out to do some camping for the 4th of July, check out this list of “25 Delicious Camping Recipes.”
Your family will love them.

25 delicious camping recipes:

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Campfire Chicken Stew

watch how to make another delicious, no bake s’more recipe, here:

Did you know we have a Youtube Channel? We have hundreds of simple and delicious recipes, your family is going to love. We take you through each recipe, step by step, and show you exactly how to make them.

These No Bake S’mores are the perfect dessert, because there is no campfire needed. No smoke, no bugs, no camping. You can enjoy the tastes of summer, all year long in the comforts of your home with these bad boys. Watch how simple they are to make, here:

looking for more campfire favorites? Here are ours:

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33 Responses to “25 Delicious Camping Recipes”

  1. Ashley Armm
    Kassidy our chef will be making all of these delicious recipes this weekend, while camping! She is sooooo excited! She declares it will be the greatest weekend of her life! xoxo yum yum! THANK YOU AND THANK YOU KASSIDY FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD COOK!
  2. Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate
    I featured your DELICIOUS Camping Recipes in my Memorial Day themed blog post today as well: http://www.chattingoverchocolate.com/2013/05/memorial-day-pinspiration.html ... Your blog is filled with so many fabulous ideas and recipes that I had to include two of them ;) Thanks for all of your excellent content! I adore your site! :)
  3. Kristina
    Going on our first camping trip of the season. We usually eat super easy (you know out of a can!!) But these recipes look so easy, I already have three of them on my weekend menu! Can't wait to try them!! Thanks so much!
  4. david reed
    hey you guys rock i love the recipes for campin!!!! especially the baked potatoe with bacon and ham and cheese...very cool also the quesadilla recipe is awesome...im goin campin this weekend with my kids and we are soooo makin both of those...and probly the hot dogs...very cool site guys very cool!!!!
  5. The Dating Divas
    Hey Girls!!!! We LOVE this round-up! Just wanted you to know it was featured on our site today: http://www.thedatingdivas.com/food/101-camping-tips-ideas/ Thanks so much for sharing!!! We love ya'll! XOXO, The Divas
  6. Ashleigh
    Thanks for the great ideas! I included this link in my blog about a romantic bonfire date night. http://www.champdiaries.com/2013/07/romantic-bonfire-date-in-san-diego.html Check it out! I hope you are able to enjoy my blog as well. Cheers!
  7. Sammie Olson
    I am taking 11 foster youth boys camping on July 26th and we are going to make the banana boats, mac & cheese and the quesadillas! Thanks for the great Ideas! I posted the mac & cheese recipe to our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/connectionsforyouth
  8. This idea came from "Can Cooking", traditionally a milk can over a wood fire, but can easily be prepared in a large dutch oven over fire, or an electric roaster oven where it will can be left mostly unattended. A good ol german meal-nothing is exact here-kielbasa, cabbage, carrots, new potatoes, onion, corn on the cob. Season simply with salt and pepper. Use water or chicken broth for steam. Serve with buttered crusty bread. Fantastic.
  9. What great ideas for camping. The last time I remember camping was at a music festival, 40 years ago. I prepped Kung Pao Chicken in gallon baggies. Precooked rice in one, marinated chicken in another, veggies in another, and a small baggie of peanuts. The drums were beating, clouds of ganja wafted through camp, and we dinned like royalty. Great memories.
    • This recipe is not from our website, so we don't know about making these quesadillas with wheat flour. We were spotlighting some other food bloggers and their camping recipes. If you have made quesadillas with wheat flour in the past, you will be fine in this recipe.

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