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  1. Bev says:
    Should the mozzarella cheese listed be 2 cups rather than 4?
    • Lauren says:
      Hi Bev! Sorry about that, you are totally right. We just switched it to 2 cups so it should be correct now. Thanks for catching that!
  2. Stacey says:
    Loved this! So cheesy and saucy and gooey. I was short on time so my 10-year old son put it together --- it's that easy! For the sauce, we used Prego with Italian sausage and I loved the hint of sausage flavor it gave the dish.
  3. Jessica says:
    If freezing do you assemble and bake then freeze or just assemble frozen and dry ingredients then freeze? Thanks!
    • Cyd says:
      To make into a freezer meal, assemble casserole as directed above in freezable container. Secure with lid and freeze for up to 30 days. Thaw for one hour before baking. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes, or until cheese begins to bubble.
      • Jessica says:
  4. Maria says:
    What pasta sauce do you like to use?
    • Cyd says:
      We have used Ragu and Classico. They all taste great in this recipe.
  5. Kara says:
    Can you use regular refrigerated raviolis? If so dies baking time differ?
    • Cyd says:
      Thaw the ravioli for about an hour. Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes or until cheese begins to bubble and it's heated through.
  6. Jennifer says:
    What if you thaw in refrigerator all day before cooking that night? Would that work on the frozen option?
    • Cyd says:
      Thawing it all day in the fridge will work great.
  7. Julie Bolinder says:
    I just purchased your Dinner Made Easy recipe book. We are trying this recipe and it said 4 cups of mozzarella and to layer 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. When trying to assemble, the measurements weren't coming out correctly. We threw it in the oven anyway. Then we checked the website and noticed the correct changes online. A little nervous to try with that much cheese! Should be interesting . . .
  8. Julia says:
    I am making this recipe to freeze but putting it in smaller freezer containers for single meals. Will the cook time still be 40 mins?
    • Cyd says:
      Where the portions are a lot smaller, the cooking time will be less. Just be sure it's heated through and that the cheese begins to bubble.
  9. Emerson says:
    Just pulled this out of the oven. Smells SO good!
  10. Beth says:
    I followed directions, even thawed a little longer, baked for nearly two hours and its still not even hot in the middle. Has anyone else had an issue with the time???
  11. Rochelle says:
    I needed a quick dinner tonight and I had frozen dinner in the freezer. This was so quick and easy that not only did I make one for dinner, but I made 2 more for my freezer. Now I have dinner for tonight and 2 more for later!!! **I added some mushrooms that had to be used as well as some ground beef. Thanks for posting such a good recipe and providing freezer meal directions too.
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