10 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

I don't know about you, but it's like my kids are always hungry and always wanting to snack. I am trying to introduce more healthy foods into their lives, and came up with a list of 10 of their Favorite Healthy Snacks.

Kids. They are always hungry, no matter how many times you feed them. Especially during the summer months, I am blown away by how much food they eat.
They are eating me out of the house and home.
I decided we needed to change things up, and make more productive snacks, rather than fruit snacks, or something quick and not as filling.
These snacks are still quick to throw together, but they are also healthy, which is a win in my book.
We are snack eaters at my house but sometimes it is hard to get my kids to eat healthy things. These are some of the things I do to get  them to eat more healthy.

10 healthy snack ideas for kids:

1. Make Designs:
Kids LOVE things that look “pretty” or “cool.” When making healthy snacks, try to fancy them up a bit (such as my flower design out of strawberries, bananas and fat free yogurt).


2. Cut up your Veggies:
My sister-in-law taught me this trick: Cut your veggies into small pieces. It is not only easier for toddlers, but it is a lot more fun to eat mini food.


 3. Have Dips:
When my kids have things to dip their food into, they are more likely to eat it. We use Low Fat Yogurt, Lowfat Peanut Butter, and Fat Free Ranch dressing.

4. Use Toothpicks 
My kids love eating snacks with toothpicks. It is like having samples at the store.

5. Different Toppings:
Try and spice things up a bit. Add raisins to your celery and apples or try smashed nuts and coconut on their peanut butter apples. It is all about being creative.

I love frozen things, especially on hot days! We eat frozen grapes, Go-Gurts, and my favorite: Frozen Chocolate covered Peanut butter bananas.

7. Bake Them
Try baking things like Baked Apples and Sweet Potatoes in the microwave or baked apple crisps in the oven.


8. 100 -Calorie Packs!
One of our favorite snacks is the 100-calorie pack popcorn! Give each child their own special bowl to eat their popcorn out of. You can also find other calorie snacks at the store such as Craisins that are good for your children.

9. Make it a game:
Making eating healthy snacks fun. Sometimes I will cut up a banana and the game is to stack the bananas as high as they can go. You could to this with many many fruits or veggies.

10. Choices
Give them a variety of healthy choices and they are more than likely to choose one of them. They could even help you prepare the snack- which they are more likely to eat if they helped make it themselves.

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