Halloween Neighborhood "Phantom" Ghost Tradition & Print Out

I loved Halloween growing up.  We grew up in such a fun neighborhood!  One of our favorite Halloween traditions was the “Phantom!”  The “Phantom” was a tradition where a neighbor would make a treat and attach the “Phantom” print out.  You would get to eat the delicious treat, hang the “Phantom” on your door (so everyone knows you’ve had a turn) and pass it onto two neighbors, who would do the same thing until it spread throughout the whole neighborhood.  I loved walking around the neighborhood seeing who had received the “Phantom.”  It was so fun for us kids to drop off a treat and ring the door bell and run to surprise our neighbors with a yummy treat!
My mom gave me this cute print out last year, so we’ve been spreading the “Phantom” around our neighborhood!
(And it has still been as fun for me to walk around the neighborhood and see who has their “Phantom” hanging on their front door!)
We taped the print out to our neighbors doors using masking tape, and left some pumpkin cookies on the porch.  Make sure to wear tennis shoes for a quick getaway!
You can copy and paste this into Word to print it out!
Happy Haunting!
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5 Responses to “Halloween Neighborhood "Phantom" Ghost Tradition & Print Out”

  1. I loved doing this growing up! I have done several versions over the years and even have done Christmas ones.
    I found that some wording was vague, so changed it a tiny bit. I also added to put it on the door so you wouldn't get any more...Here is the section that I changed for me:

    Excitement will come when friends like you,
    Keep a page and copy for two.
    We?ll all have smiles upon our faces.
    No one will know who ?BOO?ed who?s places!
    Just two short days to work your SPELL,
    Keep it secret, hide it well.
    Join in the fun; the season is here.
    So spread two ?BOO?s and share the cheer!
    Keep a ?BOO? upon your door,
    Or you will be ?BOO?ed some more!

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