Fresh Food Friday: 20 Christmas Breakfast Recipe Ideas

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 Well, the big day is almost here!!
Are you ready?! 
I am totally heading out today for last minute gifts and food to make Christmas dinner . . . and Christmas breakfast 
(which is even bigger than dinner at our house!).
We usually open gifts and hang out in our PJ’s all morning, then roll into the kitchen for a late breakfast around 11 or so . . .
Today I wanted to share some great ideas for your Christmas breakfast!
 Santa Pancakes (my kids would LOVE this!)
(this is so easy to throw together and uses refrigerated crescent dough)
(do all the prep the night before, then throw it in your oven when you wake up!)
(uses frozen bread dough! So easy!)
Don’t feel like baking? Make some Donut Towers!
Have a great Friday!
And Merry Christmas!
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3 Responses to “Fresh Food Friday: 20 Christmas Breakfast Recipe Ideas”

  1. Yay! I LOVE Christmas morning breakfast! I'm planning on making a new recipe and hoping it works! Made with Rhodes rolls, butterscotch pudding, butter and maybe something else? Uh, I guess I better make sure I have the recipe! I'm definately getting BACK into PJs after church at 9 am! :)
    Merry Christmas! Love you all!

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