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  1. Coley says:
    thanks for the recipe! I printed it off and plan to make it this week :)
  2. Amanda B. says:
    Jamie brought me this dinner when I was sick one day.....and my family loved it! I've since taken it to a few of my sisters when they needed a meal. It is easy and yummy!
  3. Scott and Katie Smith says:
    We made this the other day and ate it like taco soup with cheese and sour cream. It was a hit! This recipe will definitely go in our collection.
  4. Anonymous says:
    So I am only cooking for two people. And I don't really like meat very much. Do you think if I just did one chicken breast it would be ok?
  5. Camille says:
    Anonymous- I definitely think that this would be just fine with one chicken breast! I think that it would still turn out great!
  6. The White Family says:
    Yum! Yum! I made this for dinner tonight and thought it was the "PERFECT" dinner. It exceeded all of my mom requirements...it was EASY to make, my kids LOVED it, it was pretty healthy, it was EASY to clean up (I used a slow-cooker bag) and it made enough for TWO more meals that will be waiting in the freezer!
  7. Fritzi Matthews says:
    This is sooooo on our menu plan!!! Super yummy and easy! Thanks for the recipe my family loved it...I loved it even more because it was so incredibly easy to make! I used a turkey breast and the meat was super moist! YUMMO :)
  8. The Palmer Family says:
    Can you cook this on low for 8 hours instead?
    • Camille says:
      Yes! That would work perfectly! Thanks for the question!
  9. Megan Adams says:
    Sounds so good and incredibly easy. Making this tonight for dinner :)
  10. Julie says:
    This s my husbands favorite! He has requested for his Father's Day meal!!
    Thank you for sharing
  11. Katie says:
    Do you usually thaw the chicken breasts beforehand or can you throw them in frozen?
  12. Katie says:
    Do you usually thaw the chicken breasts beforehand or can you throw them in frozen?
    • Camille says:
      I usually throw them in completely frozen! They might need to cook for a little longer, but I have never run into any problems using frozen chicken!
  13. Jeni says:
    Would chicken thighs work?
  14. Tanya Hughes says:
    do you drain the juice if you are going to put in tortillas
  15. Caitlin Leach says:
    Loved it! Thanks for the recipe. My husband doesn't usually like beans but he loved this! Hallelujah because i love Hispanic food lol.
  16. Sue says:
    I made this today and it's AMAZING! We served it up in bowls, added a little lettuce and cheese and gobbled it up! Seriously, I have had many epic fails lately and this one is a KEEPER! I have the pickiest husband too...he's not into chicken at all...he ate a huge bowl of it! Thank you sooooo much! XOXOXOXOXO
  17. Jennifer says:
    This was fabulous!!! I served it as a burrito bowl topped with thinly sliced cabbage (instead of lettuce) and mexican cheese and all FOUR of my kids loved it! It's a keeper for our house!
  18. Richard and McKenna says:
    For a freezer meal, could you just put all the ingredients in a freezer bag and then when ready to eat it, cook it (After thawing) on high for 4 hours? Or do you have to cook it before freezing?
    • Camille says:
      You bet! That would work perfectly. I actually use this as a freezer meal quite a bit- no need to cook it beforehand. :)
  19. Richard and McKenna says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  20. Michelle says:
    Do you know if the recipe would work with a bag of frozen corn instead of 2 cans? I'm just trying to use what I have on hand in the freezer. Thanks!
    • Cyd says:
      We think the frozen corn should work just fine.
  21. Michelle says:
    Would this recipe work with a bag of frozen corn instead of 2 cans?
  22. Leona says:
    recipe was so easy and great... one request - can you add the garnish to top list? I didn't read all the way through and didn't have the ingredients for garnish -- which we all know makes the dish!!!
    • Cyd says:
      Thanks for the suggestion. We updated the post.
  23. Ashley says:
    I made this today and honestly I think it is too "wet" of a meal to serve in burrito shells. Maybe it needed to be drained? I followed your recipe completely and it came out like stew....
  24. desirae hudgins says:
    Love you girls!!
  25. kasey says:
    Making this tonight from my post-baby freezer stash. Is it really only 2-3 hours on low? Or is it supposed to be on high? Just wanted to be sure. Thanks and can't wait to eat tonight ;)
    • Cyd says:
      For the freezer meal it will be cooked all the way before you freeze it. Just thaw and then reheat for 2 to 3 hours on low. Best of luck with your baby!!! So exciting!
  26. Randy says:
    I made a huge batch of this but it came out very dry. It is still good, esp. with tacos or mixed with lettuce as a salad, but I'd like it more like a chili or soup. What can I add for kind of "creamy soup" consistency? (I'm not good with making soups but with winter coming - crockpot season - I'd like to get a lot better!) - Thank you!
  27. Michele says:
    The chicken breasts I buy are pretty big...sometimes they weigh a pound. It would be really helpful if you could add (even approximate) the weight of the chicken in your recipes. I'm never really sure how much to put in. Thanks so much.
  28. April says:
    Soupy or Thick (like to put inside a tortilla)? I'm kind of getting mixed input from the comments. Either way, I'm pretty excited to try this!
    • Cyd says:
      The comments varied quite a bit. Some people said they ate it like soup while another said it was dry. If it's too soupy and you want it for a tortilla, just dish is out with a slotted spoon. Ours was not that soupy. But we used a slotted spoon to drain off excess liquid.
  29. Curtina says:
    About how many servings does your original recipe yield?
    • Cyd says:
      Just depends how much each person takes. But it feeds around 8 people.
  30. cat says:
    can i make this into a freezer meal before its cooked throw the 2 cans black beans, drained and rinsed 2 cans corn, drained1 package taco seasoning 4-5 chicken breasts1 cup salsa in a bag then just stick it in the crockpot when im ready ?
  31. Sharon says:
    I tried to buy your freezer meal cookbook and got an error message. Please help
    • Cyd says:
      Hi Sharon. I sent your message on to the Sister over ecookbooks. She is in Hawaii until Friday. Then she should be able to get back to you and help you with this problem.
  32. Bonnie says:
    I wish there picture showed when I print the recipe out!!
  33. Heidi says:
    How much taco seasoning?
    • Momma Cyd says:
      1 ounce taco seasoning packet.
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