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  1. Jami says:
    I’ll start out by saying that I love your recipes! I pretty much plan my whole week using your website alone and not a single recipe has disappointed me; however, this one went horribly wrong. I think the steps in this recipe need to be reevaluated. For starters, it doesn’t say anything about putting any liquids in the bottom of the pot so of course you’re going to get a burn signal because the potatoes are sitting directly on the bottom dry with no liquid. I received a burn signal the first time so I opened the instant pot and added some water to the bottom hoping that would help but it didn’t. Tried again for a second time with liquid and received a burn signal again. Secondly, for the soup/ranch mixture, it doesn’t say when to add it. It tells you to mix it all together and then goes directly into telling you to put the lid on the instant pot. So I had to guess when to add it and just added it on top of the chicken tenders which I’m not sure is correct. Should this mixture be going on the bottom before the potatoes, carrots, and chicken tenders to prevent burning? In the end, I ended up with a mushy mess and wasted an entire box of chicken tenders. I don’t recommend anyone makes this until the recipe is fixed.

    1 star

  2. Momma Cyd says:
    The recipe has been updated. We are sorry about the burnt notice! That one step of adding liquid is crucial!
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