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  1. Janice Larson says:
    Great idea, can't wait to try. Do you have suggestions/instructions for reheating when you want to eat them? Do they need to thaw first or can you pop them in the microwave straight from the freezer and how long should they heat for?
  2. Steph says:
    Hi Janice! Thanks for asking that question - I'll be sure to add re-heating instructions to the recipe above, and answer your question here, too! As far as reheating goes, I usually remove it from the foil while it is still frozen, wrap it in a paper towel and use the defrost option on my microwave for about 90 seconds. Then I rotate the burrito and heat it up regularly (not on defrost) for 45-60 seconds. That usually does the trick!
  3. Jenna Elegante says:
    Could you make these with corn tortillas to make them gluten free? It's hard to make things like this ahead that are gluten free.
  4. Gabrielle says:
    Do you have instructions for reheating in the oven? I don't actually own a microwave...
  5. Cyd says:
    Here are some great methods for reheating a burrito. https://marvelouschef.com/how-to-reheat-a-burrito/
  6. Coral says:
    Have you tried using wheat tortillas?
  7. Cyd says:
    You could also use wheat tortillas.
  8. D..Kirby says:
    I had the same Q.
  9. Veronica says:
    What size tortilla? I'm using medium.

    4 stars

  10. Momma Cyd says:
    We use the soft taco/burrito size tortillas. They are medium sized.
  11. Kammy says:
    Very good - easy. One extra step I added was to lightly sear them on both sides in a cast iron pan. Delicious!

    5 stars

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