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  1. Just Jaime says:
    Looks tasty! Just stumbled this!
  2. Danielle says:
    your recipes are always so yummy!

    Thanks for linking up:>
  3. Amanda says:
    We tried this tonight and it was so yummy and best of all really easy! Thanks for sharing!
  4. cindy orozco says:
    I was wondering can this also be made in the oven & cooked Low & Slow???
    • Camille says:
      Sure! I think that it would work just fine!
  5. Monica T. says:
    I made this tonight and was a winner! Definitely keeping this recipe, yummy and easy to make. Thank you for sharing your recipes!
  6. Amy Groesbeck says:
    What is the serving size for this recipe? I have a family of 8 and think I might need to double, but don't want to overdo it.
    • Six Sisters says:
      The serving size for this recipe is about 6. Really depends on if you have big eaters or not. You may want to double for your family of 8. -The Six Sisters
  7. Richard and McKenna says:
    For a freezer meal, could you put all the ingredients in a freezer bag uncooked, freeze and then cook in the crock pot per the instructions after thawing?
    • Camille says:
      Yes! That should work perfect!! :)
  8. Carrie Smith says:
    Could you freeze this prior to crock-potting it do you think? I am a member of a freezer meal swap group and I think this would be yum!
    • Cyd says:
      We have only put this in the freezer after cooking. This should work freezing it before putting in the crock pot. Honestly we have never done it this way. But it is similar to other freezer meals.
  9. Lynnda King says:
    Am making up comfort food for a sick friend to have on hand ?. this was just perfect. I will definitely make this recipe again (and have added your site to my bookmarks!).
  10. Karen says:
    So I'm sure this would totally change the recipe but we have a dairy intolerance in our family. Would it mess this up if we left out the sour cream?
    • Cyd says:
      It shouldn't mess it up. May alter the taste slightly. We have always added sour cream.
  11. Tayler says:
    I have an allergy to yeast extract which is the same as MSG and is in most beef broths so I subbed it for organic vegetable broth and it turned out great. I'm going to serve over rice.
  12. Annette says:
    I would love to know if anyone has tried freezing without cooking first. I am running out of time prepping meals for daughter's upcoming surgery and would love to toss this in bag and freeze!!
    • hjkthuber says:
      We made it as a freezer meal for later- just threw everything raw in a bag- except for the mushrooms, flour, apple sauce, and sour cream. I wrote on the bag for instructions on adding those when we were ready to cook it and it worked out great! We also altered some of the spices to our liking ☺️
  13. Jessica says:
    My husband loves this recipe. I always add extra mushroom because that is his favorite part. I made this in a double batch and froze some for when my second baby was born in June and it reheated beautifully.
    • Michelle says:
      The mushrooms didn't get rubbery?
  14. Katrina says:
    I think this recipe looks and sounds delicious! Next Saturday (March 7th) i am going to be participating in my first freezer meal swap with a few girl friends, which I believe is going to be so much fun! Anyway, I am definitely going to make and share this recipe with them! With that being said, thanks for a awesome website and for sharing your recipes with us! :-)
  15. Michelle says:
    I can’t seem to find that cheat sheet.
    • Cyd says:
      Hi Michelle. I just talked to Kristen about the cheat sheet. She should be adding it soon. Thanks so much for catching that.
  16. Shelia says:
    The video for the Instant Pot recipe does not follow the directions in the post. Step 1. does not indicate salt and pepper as you saute meat. Also say 1/2 t garlic or clove and the written says 1/4 t garlic salt. Thanks for converting.... and looking forward to making within the next few days.
  17. Diana says:
    Hi! My beef ended up a little tougher than expected. My IP manual setting can change the pressure to low or high. I used high. Which one do you use? Perhaps I should have sauted for less time? TIA!
  18. Heather says:
    Yummmm! Our third meal in our new Instant Pot was a huge and delicious success! My only deviation from the recipe was to use 8 oz of noodles instead of 16 oz (out of an abundance of caution regarding the max fill line in my pot and being unfamiliar with how to resolve problems). I have only made traditional stroganoff maybe once in 30 years of marriage, but this version will definitely be in our dinner rotation from this point. My husband really enjoyed it, and I can't wait to make it for our kids when they come for a meal!
  19. Terrilyn says:
    Hi! My kids are not big beef sirloin type eaters but they LOVE meatballs. What would be the instructions for a traditional meatball strogenoff, using homemade meatballs instead of frozen, in the instapot. If you already have a recipe for this, where can I find it? Thanks in advance!
    • Cyd says:
      This post should help you convert most recipes into Instant Pot recipes. Hope this helps. https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/how-to-convert-recipes-into-instant-pot-recipes/
  20. Natasha says:
    We watched this video last night and decided it would be tonight's dinner. While rewatching the video and following the written recipe there were quite a few measurements that didnt match up. I followed the video after cross referencing the recipe I usually use and hope it turns out well, but could you clarify? 2 or 3 tbsp of flour? 1.5 cups or 3 cups of beef broth? Thank in advance
  21. Pam Bruneel says:
    Can you add regular sour cream instead of fat free sour cream?
    • Cyd says:
      Yes, regular sour cream works great.
  22. Lisa D says:
    What can I sub fur the apple juice?
    • Momma Cyd says:
      You'll want to add the apple juice for the flavor of the stroganoff.
  23. NF says:
    Approximately how big is a serving size?
    • Momma Cyd says:
      It would be 1 potato for each person and 1/2 pound of stew meat. It's hard to say how much everyone will scoop over their baked potato because everyone takes different size scoops. If you are worried about not having enough you could easily double this recipe if your slow cooker is big.
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