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  1. martha says:
    How do you reheat the frozen one?
  2. Gretchen says:
    Same question here...reheating...wrap in a paper towel? heat for how long? Thanks for this recipe -- I want/need to feed kids fast in the mornings!
  3. Cyd says:
    Just warm until heated through. Every microwave varies. May be about 1 minute.
  4. Erin @ Simple, Sweet & Savory says:
    My mornings are always super crazy and I love breakfasts you can freeze and zap in the microwave for a fast and easy meal. These look so yummy. Pinning!
  5. Amanda says:
    I've done this before by baking the egg portions in either jumbo muffin tins or in individual souffle cups. I can do many at a time this way. I also like to add veggies or meats to the egg. Spinach, roasted red peppers, diced onion, bacon bits, crumbled breakfast sausage, chopped ham slices. Then I can top with a cheese slice or sometimes add shredded cheese to the egg itself. I've used both bagels and English muffins. Such a great solution to the breakfast rush!
  6. Rose says:
    I'm just starting to make freezer meals, so I have a couple of questions. Do you add raw vegetables and/or cooked meats to the eggs and then bake in the oven? And how long do you bake the eggs in the oven? Thanks for your help.
  7. julie long says:
    Hi! I am excited to try this recipie. Do I cook it prior to freezing?
  8. Momma Cyd says:
    Just prepare as directed on the recipe. Only the eggs are cooked. You will want them to be cooled before wrapping and freezing.
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