Easy Healthy Lunch Wrap

Lunch sometimes is a hassle at our house. My little girls are so sick of sandwiches (although I could eat them for every meal) and it is hard to find a healthy alternative that they will eat. I came across a wrap recipe and changed it so it would only take me a couple minutes to through together.

6 Spinach wraps or large tortillas
1/2 cup miracle whip light (or light mayo)
2 teaspoons of mild taco seasoning mix
Mozzarella cheese
1/2 pound of deli turkey, thinly sliced
1 tomato diced
1 cup of green lettuce

Mix miracle whip and seasoning mix together in a small bowl

Spread evenly on each tortilla.

Then layer each tortilla with turkey, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce evenly on each one.

Leave about 2 inches at one side covered with only the spread.

Roll up each tortilla starting with the layered turkey and ending with the 2 inch side with just the spread so it will stay secure.

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  1. Anna Picket
    It's easy to get sick of sandwiches for lunch all the time. Maybe we should try a turkey wrap like this. It would give us something new to try and it has quite a few veggies. I've eaten wraps at restaurants, so it would be fun to try to make it myself for once. Here's hoping we like this recipe.

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