Strut Your Stuff Week 25!

We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!  Can you believe it is already over?!  It flew by at our house, but we are so excited to start a new year. Here are our latest features: Revamp Homegoods made these copycat West Elm Scalloped Trees.  You could leave these up all winter! These German Chocolate Cupcakes from Suburbs Mama {almost} look too [...]

Fresh Food Friday: 20 Slow Cooker Soup and Stew Recipes


Join us on Facebook for our latest recipes and projects! Now that the cold winter weather is in full swing, all that I want each night is a warm bowl of soup! And slow cookers make that so easy to do . . . just dump the ingredients in and let it simmer all day. Here are some Slow Cooker Soup, Stew, and Chili Recipes that are just begging to be [...]

Grandma A’s Holiday Cheese Ball


This is the perfect treat for your holiday parties! It's so yummy with crackers and veggies. It takes only about 15 minutes (plus time to set-up) to throw it together . . . I promise it will be the hit of the party! :) Ingredients: 1 8 oz Kaukauna Spreadable Cheddar (Smoky Cheddar Flavor) 1 8 oz Cream cheese 2 T. Margarine or butter 2 tsp. Chopped [...]

Orange Fluff Jello Salad Recipe

Join us on Facebook for our latest recipes and projects! Every Sunday, our Mom would make some sort of jello as a side dish to our delicious dinner.  It was usually my favorite part of the meal!  This recipe was one of our favorites growing up, and now my little family eats it right up.  Plus, it makes a lot so it is a great side dish for parties or [...]

English Toffee Recipe


Join us on Facebook for our latest recipes! I've gone a little wild in the candy department since getting a candy thermometer. My husband told me I was trying to put him in a diabetic coma. I've rationalized making a lot of candy by saying I'm going to give it away to my neighbors. But by the time I'm putting a cute plate of treats together, half of the [...]

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Recipe


  Pin It My friend Courtney brought some of these over to us a week or so ago . . . and my husband and I seriously devoured them in a matter of minutes. I found the recipe (thank goodness for the internet!) and made them again and as you can see from the picture, there was only one left to take a picture of. I love cinnamon rolls, but these are [...]

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf Video Tutorial


Did anyone get a scarf for Christmas? I have a couple of scarves, but didn't really know any great ways to tie them . . . I saw this video floating around the Internet and finally sat down and watched it- it is seriously so entertaining and informative! I have now been trying out some new ways (my favorite is the "Magic Trick") and have been getting lots of [...]

The Best Fresh Spinach Dip


  Pin It I am always looking for something yummy to dip raw veggies in (sometimes it's hard for me to eat them plain . . .). I really love the taste of spinach dips, but I am not crazy about frozen spinach. I came across this recipe for a dip using FRESH spinach and decided to give it a go . . . it ended being the best dip that I'd had in a long [...]

Quick and Easy Leftover Chicken Fajita Melts

5 chicken fajita melts

Pin It I think that I am suffering from a little bit of a "Holiday Hangover" . . . I just don't feel like putting much effort into my dinners right now! I had some leftover grilled chicken and found this quick and easy recipe over at $5 Dinners. I was so happy that there was so little work on my part, but it was a yummy meal my whole family loved! So if [...]

Healthy Meals Monday: Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings


 Pin It We hope you all had a Merry Christmas! But if you are like me, you have probably eaten WAY too much... but it sure was good going down. My husband found this meal and then we added our own ingredients to make it healthier. It is one of our favorites and it is super easy! Enjoy! Ingredients: 4 Skinless Boneless Chicken breasts [...]

Baked Apple Pie French Toast Recipe

Baked apple Pie French Toast

Merry Christmas Eve! I wanted to share with you what we will be having for breakfast tomorrow morning . . . Baked Apple Pie French Toast Delicious French Toast combined with Apple Pie filling . . . every breakfast-lover's and pie-lover's dream! You could easily prep this the night before and let it sit in your fridge overnight or throw it together [...]

Fresh Food Friday: 20 Christmas Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Cookbook Image

If you like our recipes then you will LOVE our Cookbook!!! Our cookbook makes a wonderful gift (and it's priced right at less than $18!) . . . you can check it out HERE.  Well, the big day is almost here!! Are you ready?!  I am totally heading out today for last minute gifts and food to make Christmas dinner . . . and Christmas [...]

Chubby Hubby Buckeye Peanut Butter Truffles Recipe

chubby hubby truffles

I've had my eye on these for a long time, but I knew my waistline wouldn't thank me once I made them (I have no self control). I finally gave in and have made them more than once! They are so easy and DELICIOUS! I love anything with peanut butter and chocolate. As you can see, there are only 4 left from the whole batch. My husband and I went to [...]

Christmas Burlap Checkered Table Runner Tutorial

Pin It My house is all decorated for Christmas, but I decided that my kitchen table needed a little something to "spruce it up". I saw a tutorial for a Jute Table Runner a couple of months ago, but thought that I could totally make it with Christmas-colored burlap.  Here is what you'll need to make your own: -a piece of red burlap (mine was 12.5"x [...]

Homemade Caramels Recipe

Every Christmas season, our neighbors would bring over a plate of goodies.  You always wanted to be home when that plate arrived, or you would be left with crumbs of delicious chocolates and treats.  I would fight for those lovely, little caramels.  I finally decided to take matters into my own hands.  I made caramels!  I thought it was going to be so hard, [...]

12-Layer Christmas Jello Salad Recipe

12 Layer Jello

I love Christmas Dinner! One of my favorite things my mom would make when we were growing up is her famous 12 Layer Jello Salad. We would often have it for any holiday dinner or special occasions.  This jello salad not only tastes amazing, but it looks awesome too! And the kids will LOVE it! Just give yourself a few hours to make! But so worth it! Serves: [...]

Peppermint Crunch Brownie Cookies Recipe


I bought a bag of Andes Peppermint Crunch bits and have been trying to find a fun recipe to use them in . . . I decided to try them on top of these peppermint brownie cookies and the combination of the two was awesome. I frosted them with a simple vanilla frosting, but if you wanted to go crazy, you could add a 1/2 tsp of peppermint extract for extra minty [...]