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  1. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says:
    I am SO making these!
  2. Ashley V says:
    As soon as I saw this I made a batch. They look great and my husband can't wait to have some for breakfast this week! Thanks.
  3. Casey says:
    I don't understand how pancakes are a compromise for sugary cereal, when pancake syrup is LOADED with sugar. But these look amazing and I bet they taste great, definitely going to try and make these!
    • LEANNE says:
      Use pure Maple Syrup. It's full of nutrients and does't raise your blood sugar as quickly as cane sugar.
    • Andrea says:
      Another option for these is the wonderful low sugar Smuckers preserves. There are plenty of things you can top pancakes with. I always top crepes with that.
  4. Jamie says:
    A simple solution to the sugar in pancake syrup is to use berries. Another thing I do is add a little cinnamon to the batter, cinnamon amplifies the sweetness of the pancake and I don't miss having a topping on my morning waffles.
  5. Scary says:
    This is such a great idea. I hate sugared cereal because my kids get it everywhere and we have carpet in our dining room (not ideal with a 1 1/2 yr old and an almost 4 year old) and the fact that they eat a whole box and are still hungry (but mostly the carpet thing). I would totally rather make a hot breakfast but my kids don't love eggs. So I have been trying to find hot breakfast options that fill them up but I am not always up for making 12 waffles or flipping 20 pancakes in the morning. I am trying this tomorrow.
    • Geri says:
      My daughter considers pancakes a “handy” snack and eats without syrup. I also fiber them up usually with a little whole wheat pastry flour, minute oats, and/or ground flax seed. If use buttermilk especially, they still come out quite fluffy. If your pancake eaters are not afraid of whole grain bread I highly recommend.
  6. folkwoman says:
    Made these the other day. They turned out good - a little denser than I thought they would but that could be the baking powder I used. Great taste and awesome with syrup! Next time I'll probably add some blueberries. And SO easy!
  7. Jeanie says:
    Weird question - Do you think I can put raisins in this?
    • Cyd says:
      YUM! Definitely!!
      • Jeanie says:
        Thanks. I put 4 1 oz. boxes of raisins in it, and it seemed just the right amount.
  8. Lee Ann says:
    I was thinking about making little breakfast sandwiches with the squares. Like sausage and egg or ham, egg, and cheese. Totally going to try it. Thanks so much for posting it.
  9. Lauren says:
    Yes yes yes! Will be making these for my family! I just love this website! :)
  10. Grace says:
    Made it this morning and I got 8 thumbs up from my 4 kiddos (: I love vanilla so I added 1 tsp. And threw in some chocolate chips. When cooled I cut into the squares and put light whip cream around the edges and put maraschino cherries on the side. The kids enjoyed decoration the panCAKE square and they loved it! They've already put in a request for blueberry squares (: so easy and so delicious!
    • Barb says:
      I was just thinking about how these would be with blueberries in them. Was wondering how many to add?
  11. Katy says:
    Personally, I would add blueberry's, strawberries or something to sweeten it up. I added vanilla,1 tsp and some chocolate chips (like the other commentor) and it's still rather bland. Both my kids went EH, it's okay. IT HAS POTENTIAL THOUGH! 25 minutes was perfect baking time. The next time I'll try it with fruit. I wonder if throwing in some frozen fruit would work. Maybe trying fruit spread with butter. Thanks for the recipe!
  12. Amanda says:
    I just made these and I think they tasted great! Just like flapjacks from McDonald's! I made them in a medium sized cookie sheet instead of the cake pan so they would be a little thinner and only baked them for 20 minutes and they came out perfectly! Me and my 17 month old son just ate 2 and we are going to freeze the rest for another day. I have yet to try a recipe from Six Sisters that isn't amazing!
  13. Becky says:
    Can I make these using pancake mix or bisquick? Would I omit the baking soda?
    • Cyd says:
      Hi Becky, we have only made the baked pancakes as directed in the recipe. So we can't tell you how to alter the recipe with pancake mix or bisquick.
  14. Jamie says:
    Wondering if you could use almond milk and whole wheat flour?
    • Cyd says:
      We haven't tried using almond milk or whole wheat flour. So not sure exactly how it would all turn out. But should work just fine.
  15. Jules says:
    I am excited to try these.... I wonder about doubling the recipe and baking It on a jelly roll pan? Has anyone tried that?
  16. liz says:
    This has become a every other week staple in my house. We add butterscotch, chocolate chips and a dash of cinnamon to make my kids happy. Even my picky eaters love this.
  17. Jessie Yung says:
    Fantastic! For the questions about using other recipes, I used Alton Brown's Instant Pancake Mix http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/instant-pancake-mix-recipe.html with 1/2 unbleached flour and 1/2 ww flour. I also subbed almond milk for regular milk. I baked one in a 9x13 and one in a jelly roll. Both turned out beautifully. Obviously the 9x13 is thicker. I added chocolate chips. I'm so excited as I was making pancakes 1-2 times a week trying to freeze extras but never having any after feeding 3 boys. I will be making a double recipe each weekend (two jelly roll pans) and freezing for the week. Thanks!
  18. Candace says:
    I made this today! My husband and i really enjoyed it, but my picky 3 year old refused to try it (don't take offense as he refuses to try basically nothing we give him, lol). Kept it simple and just topped it with syrup, but I love how versatile this could be! Fruit, fruit syrup, regular syrup, the pancake sandwiches mentioned above, chocolate or other flavored chips. These weren't super sweet, but I didn't mind. I'd rather it not be sweet enough and have to add to it than wish I'd made it differently. We will definitely be making this again.
  19. Christie says:
    I am "one of those moms", but I love knew recipes that save time. I have three growing children, so this might last two to three days... Thank you so much...
  20. Jamie says:
    Has anyone tried this in muffin tins? Just wondering on the baking time....
  21. Vicki Nyenhuis says:
    LOVE THIS! The possibilities are endless. Baked up perfectly for our taste in a jelly roll pan, not to thin/not to thick. At first no one would try only because the color on top was bland looking. Taste was delicious! Nothing wrong with the recipe as written. Melted a tbsp. of butter, brushed the top and put under the broiler until lightly brown (1 minute/watch will burn quickly) Eye appealing and added a slight "crunch" with great flavor from the butter, sooo good! We topped ours with cooked, chopped bacon & syrup. Next time, I think we will try adding the bacon right to the batter. Home run Six Sisters!! Thanks for all your great recipes!
  22. Peggy says:
    Has anyone or do you think using buttermilk in place of milk would be a good idea? Just wondering if it would enhance the flavor and produce a light and fluffy texture like a buttermilk pancake?
  23. Erin says:
    How much do you mix the batter? Will there be lots of lumps? I know if you mix too much with regular pancakes they won't be as fluffy.
    • Cyd says:
      Just mix until blended. The batter does not have lumps.
  24. Rebecca says:
    I have made these at least twice a month for the last 2 years! I hate standing at the stove tending to pancakes and everyone eating in shifts- these are a great solution for that (everyone can sit and eat at the same time together). Great for the freezer (a good substitute for Eggo waffles) and entertaining. I like to add some mini chocolate chips and dash of vanilla extract. Thanks for this recipe :)
  25. Sabrina B says:
    what a great idea on freezing this ahead and optional add-ons, thank you for this!
  26. Leigydee says:
    I made these for my boys (I added some muffin mix and a little more milk) and they told me never to make regular pancakes again. There are 4 of them, so you can imagine how much of a relief that was.
  27. Tara says:
    Thank you Six Sisters! I tried another baked pancake recipe, and while it was very quick and easy, it did not provide the standard so to speak pancake taste like your recipe. My children enjoyed eating the bars along with me, and I also enjoyed cutting the cooking time in half compared to making standard pancakes. So since I was initially looking for an addition to my brunch party menu this weekend, I will definitely be using this recipe for Sunday and thereafter.
    • Cyd says:
      Hi Tara. Thanks for you sweet comment. Best of lunch with your brunch party this weekend! it sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy your baked pancakes!!
  28. Donna says:
    Staring at my big bag of apples from apple picking....has anyone tried to mix in chopped apples and cinnamon?
  29. Marianne says:
    Can I mix this ahead of time (night before) and then pop in the oven in the morning?
    • Cyd says:
      It should work great making the night before. You may want to let it set out at room temp for about 30 minutes before baking. If you cook it right after baking it's not chilled as it would be leaving in the fridge overnight.
  30. Rachel says:
    I have made these over a dozen times by now and every time is a hit! I make them with a variety of options like blueberries, chocolate chips or the house favorite, cinnamon roll. I add butter brown sugar and cinnamon to together and swirl through the batter before baking for a wonderful needs no syrup start to our day!
  31. Linda Truelove says:
    If you like applesauce, try topping the pancakes with unsweetened applesauce instead of syrup. Very tasty
  32. Shea says:
    I made this for the first time today. Love that everyone at at the same time. The whole family of picky eaters loved them! Thank you! Will definitely make again!
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