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  1. alyse says:
    the link to the 8 freezer meals is not going to the right post... i'd love to see it; could you fix it? thanks!
  2. [email protected] Pine Cones and Acorns says:
    I love my crock pot and am always looking for new recipes! Thank you for sharing!

    Thank you for your visit to my chocolate blog, Once Upon a Chocolate Life! The Joy the Baker brownies are fabulous!

    I wish I had been able to attend the blog conference, will you be doing an ebook with the information from the conference for thos of us who were unable to make it?

    I am fascinated by your growth and look forward to learning more about it!
  3. Lisa Sipes says:
    I've made the original 8 meals several times already and can't wait to try these, too. BTW, it's even better when you have a prep party with a friend or two and a bottle of wine!
  4. J. Silberman says:
    Would already frozen chicken work, provided I didn't let it defrost?
  5. Scrappycath says:
    This has become my favorite way to meal plan/ grocery shop/ and cook. Making slow cooker-freezer meals in advance saves me time and momey! Thank you so much for these new recipes!!
  6. M Engram says:
    Awesome....im always looking for great slow cooker recipes. Can't wait to try a few of these!
  7. Jenson Family says:
    We just made the original 8 meals and are so excited to have our freezer stocked for baby #5! I'm excited to try these next! Thanks!!!!!!!!
  8. elizabethashleyphoto says:
    This is amazing - thank you!
  9. Erin says:
    Just what I needed! Trying the pork chops this week :)
  10. Heather Tikkanen says:
    Love that I can print them all together, I have 80lbs of chicken coming in April so this will be a great way to use some of it!
  11. Six Sisters says:
    We have audio recordings and some classes videotaped. We will be offering it soon. We are still getting it all together. Should be ready in the next week or so. -The Six Sisters
  12. Six Sisters says:
    Yes, frozen would work great!! In fact, that is what I used for all my chicken recipes.
  13. Homeschool on the Croft says:
    What wonderful ideas you have here! We use our crockpot *reasonably* often, but I want to teach our kids more crockpot recipes.... I've just found my perfect answer, right here!
    Off to write my shopping list :)
  14. Julie says:
    I'll be watching for it, too!

    Because it is just my husband and I, I split my freezer meals in half so I have twice as many. I also do this with casserole (to be baked in the oven), making them in two foil lined square dishes and freezing them. Then I can pop them out, wrap them in the foil and place in freezer bags. Thanks for sharing these!
  15. saralie chuckles says:
    This is a great idea, too bad that most recipes have so much processed canned goods.. or lots of sugar :( Will try a few of your recipes with substitutes, thanks for the great post however!
  16. Elisa Eldam says:
    Thanks for the recipes. I am new to freezer cooking and a fairly poor cook, in general.

    I made the Beef and Mushrooms. The flavor of the beef was great, but the sauce was a thin liquid with a lot of floating particles. My 18-month-old loved the meal over rice. She hardly eats anything, so I'll make it again.

    Do you have any suggestions for the sauce? Did I do something wrong?
  17. Lydia Habelt says:
    I used frozen chicken too. It's way cheaper than buying fresh. I loved your recipes BTW. I tried to blog about it, but blogger wasnt working :( oh well, I will get it up soon! Im cooking the Creamy Ranch Pork Chops and Potatoes tonight!
  18. pbuhrman says:
    I just made all 10 and stocked my freezer! Thank you for the shopping list - that was awesome! With kids activities, these will be awesome. I can not wait to eat.
  19. Kayla DeLeon says:
    For the beef and mushrooms how did it come out so dark? I made mine exact and it was very watery and light brown lol but it was delish!
  20. Jerrie says:
    Preparing meals for my daughter who is due to deliver her second baby in a few weeks. I am so appreciative for this web site. I do have a question about freezing the potatoes, do they turn black when frozen? Again, thank you for this site.
  21. Six Sisters says:
    We have not had a problem with potatoes going black.
  22. amy says:
    ya but these are awesome for when your husband is working late and u can't eat as a family. i just put stuff in the slow cooker then when i come home it's already done then when he comes home at like 11 or 12 at night he can still have a hot dinner waiting for him. i love it and thanks so much for posting these on here. i look forward to seeing more.
  23. Lisa says:
    What do you think about slicing up fresh mushrooms for the beef and mushrooms recipe? I've never frozen fresh mushrooms and then cooked them, but I prefer fresh over canned. Good or bad idea? Love all your recipes btw! I've made the 8 freezer meals before and it is just the most fabulous thing to pull a home-prepared meal out of the freezer!
  24. Ashley says:
    Just made most of the recipes from the first post. It was so easy and they look great, I can't wait to try them! Thanks for the great post.
  25. Cyd says:
    Fresh mushrooms should work fine. Best of luck to you! :)
  26. Jen says:
    Out of desperation last month, I quickly scanned a few websites for freezer meals and found this one. I printed off the grocery list, sprinted to the store and later that night...had a freezer full of meals!! Bulk meat prices were good, so I stocked up. I had enough ingredients to make FIFTEEN meals for my family of 5. One evening: 15 meals. I love you, sisters. I really, really love you. Oh...my family does too! :)
  27. Sarah says:
    I am gone from home 9+ hours a day. If I put these into my crock frozen, and cook on low, would that work? I tried out this method using recipes from another site last year, and while I liked the process I didn't much care for the food. These look more like foods we would actually eat!
  28. Cyd says:
    We have only made them as the recipe directs. Putting them in the crock pot frozen and on the low setting will definitely buy you some more time. Let us know how it works.
  29. Raeme says:
    Do you have to take out of freezer 24hrs before? I have always in the pass put them in my crockpot all frozen. Your thoughts? Thank you love your site!
  30. Cyd says:
    Sometimes we will thaw it slightly to get them in the crock pot. But often just put it in frozen. My take a little longer to cook and be sure to stir it after it's thawed.
  31. Becky says:
    I love this idea! I want to make some of these for my family so its quick and easy for us to eat :) How long will they last in your freezer? Thanks again!
  32. Emily says:
    Thanks so much for sharing these recipes. They are EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I have been terrible at dinner for so many years and recently tried making freezer meals in advance. I really like this method except that I felt so scattered while I was making them - I had crock-pots going, stuff in the oven, raw food going straight to the freezer, three or four pots on the stove... After that, I tried slow-cooker meals, which I love but just don't have time to make before work every morning. And so, when I found this web-site, I knew that it is exactly what my family needs. Thanks again. I can't wait to try some of these recipes!
  33. Sarah says:
    How long can they stay in freezer?
  34. Juju says:
    It's fixed! Thanks for all the great recipes!
  35. Cyd says:
    If packaged correctly, they should be fine for at least a month.
  36. Rebecca says:
    Thanks so much for these! Will really help keeping our weekly meals from getting boring :) and with planning!
  37. Katie Jolliffe says:
    For the Italian Beef Sandwiches, do you use all of the juice from the jar of peppers? Excited to try these recipes so my husband can make while I am in graduate school!
  38. Cyd says:
    Drain the juice from the jar of peppers. :)
  39. PharmLisa says:
    Thank you sisters. Your freezer meals are all great and have single handedly decreased the overall discord in our house. Knowing that supper is waiting in the crockpot when I get home takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. I eagerly await the next set of recipes. Lisa
  40. Kat says:
    Do you use condensed soups for the cream of chicken and mushroom? Can I used condensed and just add water to it before freezing? Just want to make sure I do it right! :) I am making my list with the online shopping guide and I know condensed it cheaper. Thank you for your website!
  41. Steph says:
    Sisters, I tried the Ranch Pork Chops and I'm not sure if/what I did wrong. It did not turn out well. :-( I followed the recipe but when I cooked it, I don't think it was right. I made the ranch, milk and soup mix and poured it in the bag. I cut the potatoes and added them and the pork chops to the mix (all in the same bag, raw). I thawed it 24 hours before cooking. Some of the pieces of potato were black and mushy??? I pulled them out and cooked it. Some of the potatoes were still very raw, and others were just mush. My pork chops shriveled up (I did use boneless, maybe this was why) and curled. It was all rather bland as well. I wouldn't have minded the bland flavor, but the textures of the meat and potatoes just really turned me off. Any suggestions??
  42. Laura says:
    Just wanted to thank you guys for the recipes. My co-worker's spouse fell and broke her upper arm and suddenly he's responsible for all the meals/shopping, etc... on top of a lot of changes and demands at work. I'll be using several of these recipes to take in for him to help ease the burden a little bit.
  43. Liz says:
    Love your recipes. I am a very busy studying Mother and my slow cooker is a life saver. I live in Australia and find some of the ingredients a bit of a puzzle. e.g. what is "Liquid Smoke"? also in your "Hearty Beef Stew" what do you consider a can of tomato sauce? Could it be passata? Or maybe a tomato pasta sause?
  44. Cyd says:
    Liquid smoke is found close to the bbq sauce and flavorings. It comes in a small bottle. Tomato sauce is like a tomato puree.
  45. Maria says:
    Mine did!! So disappointed... They're ruined. I have to try to separate the chivken from the carrots and potatoes now :(
  46. kate says:
    i've been making freezer meals for a while (haven't tried these ones just yet) but it goes straight from my freezer to the crockpost (without thawing) it seems like thawing it would make everything turn mushy? also, i would recommend using red potatoes over russett because russett just go mushy no matter what!
  47. Jill says:
    We made the 8 freezer meals and they turned out great. My family of five is enjoying them all. It took my daughter and I two hours to assemble these meals. Not bad. There was alot of chopping and dicing. Thanks Six Sisters!! -Jill
  48. J.J. says:
    Just wanted to say I absolutely love your site and especially love these freezer meals! I first found them when I was pregnant (the 8 meals in an hour) and made them for after baby was born. It was the best gift I could have given myself! Now I tell anyone who will listen about your site and these fast crock pot meals. You guys obviously live in the real world and have such practical recipes. I love it!
  49. Harmony says:
    I'm in nursing school so I am SUPER busy and not home to get meals ready for my family...which means I've been scouring the internet for awesome, easy, freezer meals. I've been making your freezer slow cooker meals for a couple months now and LOVE them!!! This is the first time I've really used my slow cooker, and now I use it almost exclusively! AND I've come up with a few recipes of my own. :D THANK YOU for doing these recipes and making my life so so much easier!!!! Really appreciated.
  50. Teresa says:
    I made these meals when I was "nesting" prior to the birth of my son. They were a LIFESAVER while tending a newborn and not having the time/energy for cooking. Prep was easy and super quick. Here are my reviews for the ones we've made so far. 1) Beef and Mushrooms. Paler brown than shown, but extremely delicious. Would make again. 2) BBQ Cranberry Chicken: overcooked. Low for 7-8 hours got stringy, mealy, dry chicken. This is a quirk of my own slow cooker, not the recipe. Loved the flavor though. Would do again with a much shorter cook time. 3) Pineapple glazed ham: Tasted weird. This is more likely my own taste than the recipe itself. The ham turned out tender and very nice. I would try this recipe again with different flavor profile. 4) Sweet and Tangy Meatballs: WAY too sweet for my preferences. But it was still pretty good. Would try again without the grape jelly. Maybe some tomato sauce instead? 5) Mom's Slow Cooker Chili: Tasted like ketchup soup. I used chili sauce instead of ketchup, but with the diced tomatoes and tomato sauce, it just lost its real "Chili" taste for me. HOWEVER. I am from Texas, and I have a strong idea of how chili should taste to me. I'd still try it again. The browning/prepping process was great and I would totally apply it to my own chili recipe. 6) Sweet Teriyaki Chicken: I really liked this. The chicken took on an unsavory brown/maroon color, but it tasted great. I would definitely make this again with a shorter cooking time (apparently, my slow cooker NUKES chicken on low over 7-8h). 7) Italian Beef Sandwiches: Absolutely delicious. 8) Creamy Salsa Chicken: Kind of soupy--which is how I think the recipe was intended. Tasted really good. I did not expect to like it as much as I did. 9) Ranch Pork Chops: Would trim the fat off first and cook less (potatoes were really mealy). The sauce was REALLY salty to me. This is likely due to the ranch mix I chose. Might not make this one again. Overall, I was THRILLED with these recipes. Even though I didn't love some of them, it was obvious that this was due to my own personal taste preferences. I loved learning the method/portioning and I am excited to adapt these recipes to my own style. Thank you, Six Sisters!!!
  51. Nadeane says:
    Hi! I plan on making these for work days, so i'll start my crockpot at 7:15 and don't get home until around 5 or 5:30. Will this ruin the recipes?
  52. Angel says:
    Love your website. I have a question. Do I have to brown the ground meat before placing it in the slow cooker? This morning I placed the frozen ground beef in the slow cooker with 1 cup of salsa and 1 cup bbq sauce. I put in a few seasonings and set the slow cooker on low in hopes when I get home today from work it would turn into something good.
  53. Jessica says:
    Does anyone know how much the total was for all the ingredients?
  54. Cyd says:
    You will want to brown your ground beef first!
  55. Nicci Du Preez says:
    Been using your recipes for a while, makes life soooo much easier. Got some allergies, so substitute things like onion, but would like to share some other tips... 1. I bought a plug-in timer for 15 bucks. If I leave home early in the morning I dump the frozen meal in the slow cooker and set the timer for the apropriate switch on time - thought this would be helpful to others. 2. For meats that need browning - I pack the meat seperately from the veg, switch slow cooker to high, spray with oil, add meat only, then place my imitation Flavorwave lid on the slow cooker to brown the meat. When it is suitably browned I add the rest of the ingredients. You can tell I'm a short-cut kind of girl, can't you? Thanks for the recipes xxxxxx
  56. Courtney says:
    Something I do is use a christmas light timer (you can find these at Walmart) and plug the slow cooker into that. I can then tell it when to turn on and when to turn off so I don't have to worry about it cooking too long and I can time it so that it's done right as I'm getting home!
  57. Tammy says:
    I've made a few of your recipes and my husband loved them. I would say you DEFINITELY must thaw them 48 hrs before cooking because mine were still frozen after only 24.
  58. Jami says:
    Has anyone tried putting everything in the slow cooker liner then a ziploc, then freeze? I'm going to try these slow cooker meals for my elderly grandparents and the less moving from place to place the better. I'm thinking pull from the freezer, thaw, pull the liner out of the zip and plop it in the slow cooker. I'm not sure if those liners can hold up in the freezer though.
  59. Sandy says:
    I just visited one of my daughters who just had her second baby. Before I left, I made up a bunch of these meals and stocked up her freezer. Thanks for sharing these recipes!
  60. Amie says:
    I have done that and it works great! I have not tried freezing just the liner though, I always put it in a freezer bag.
  61. Brandy says:
    Thanks for sharing these. I am a blogger at HappilyBlended.com and will be testing out some of these meals this week during school vacation. I am excited to test them out!
  62. Marcie says:
    how many servings do these recipes yield? they look delicious, btw! :)
  63. Cyd says:
    Usually around 6 to 8 servings.
  64. jan says:
    When printing these recipes out I wish that you could just print the ones that you want instead of the whole list.
  65. Monique says:
    Was wondering if you had any freezer/slow cooker recipes to share that have more fresh ingredients/sauces vs. canned or packaged items which my husband is not too fond of (and are usually pretty high in sodium). I love how easy all your recipes are and I looked them over to try and modify them so as to not use so many canned items, but don't really see that it would be too easy to modify them. Any thoughts/suggestions/recipes are appreciated!! :)
  66. Joanne says:
    Hi. What capacity is your slow cooker? Thanks!
  67. Cyd says:
    Most of the sisters have 5 to 6.5 quart slow cookers.
  68. Valerie says:
    I want to try some of these but they make too many servings for single people. I hope it works to cut them in 1/2...
  69. Cyd says:
    Hi Valerie, it should work just fine to cut them in half. May not take as long to cook since the portions are smaller. Just watch it closely. :)
  70. Gwendolyn Campbell says:
    Thanks so much for these great recipes! I thought you might like to know how a group of 5 friends and I are using them. On the first weekend of each month, each one of us picks one (unique) crock-pot recipe and prepares 6, gallon-sized, freezer bags worth. Then, on the following Monday, we get together for an exchange and each one of us goes home to stock our freezer with 6 different meals to enjoy during the month. It?s a great system ? making 6 bags of one meal is so much easier than preparing 6 different meals. And, as working women, we love the convenience of having one or two of these meals ready-to-go each week! Please feel free to pass along this idea, if you think it would appeal to your readers. And, thanks again for the wonderful recipes! All the best, Gwen
  71. Cyd says:
    Thanks so much Gwen!! What a great idea! We wish we lived closer to you and your fun friends! Thanks for stopping by our blog!! Cyd (mom of the Six Sisters)
  72. Pat Davison says:
    Being rather new to Pinterest and associated information sites, I would not usually offer a comment. However, your last response, Cyd, was on my daughter's birthday. I am motivated. I love the sound of your recipes - simple but tasty, and it seems many others agree. Living mostly alone means some are overabundant but I am quite content to repeat meals and once cooked they can be refrozen. My slow cooker may be in for shock. Cheers, Pat.
  73. Cyd says:
    Hi Pat, Thanks so much for your sweet comment. With our last daughter leaving for college in the fall, I am definitely going to have to cut back or do a lot of freezing of leftovers. My daughter will often come home from school and eat leftovers for an after school snack. Life is always changing, but it's fun to see our families grow up and make good choices. Have a wonderful week and thanks again for stopping by our blog and good luck with your slow cooker!! :) Cyd
  74. Juanita in OH says:
    WOW, I am sooooooooooo excited. I found you on a Pinterest page and consider you my find of the week! Being able to do these meals will make my life so much better. I have a few serious health issues that prevent me from moving around much other than in my Jazzy chair and they cause pain. Believe me when I say your recipes are a God send. TFS.
  75. Cyd says:
    You made our day Juanita! Hope these freezer meals help!! Have a terrific week!
  76. Ashley says:
    I've been stressing about how my husband and son would be eating after the arrival of our twins. We're expecting a c section situation plus NICU time so this will be so helpful in keeping my family fed while I'm out of commission! Thank you!
  77. Janene S. says:
    Most of the recipes I've tried have been really good -- the Teriyaki Chicken and the Dijon Maple Chicken (which I don't see posted here anymore?) both turned out good, but something went wrong with the Cranberry BBQ Chicken. When I assembled the ingredients, the sauce smelled so amazing I thought I might need a few moments alone with it... :o) But after the recommended time in the crock pot, it was as if all the flavor had completely cooked out of the sauce and it was all watery. The chicken itself was moist, but the resulting flavor after cooking in the crock pot was nowhere near as delicious as the sauce smelled before I started cooking. I would like to try making it again, but I'm not sure what happened.
  78. Janene S. says:
    I have the same issue -- being gone from the house for a long time, much longer than the cooking time on crock pot recipes. I found that using an electrical outlet timer (like the kind you can use for your lights when you go out of town) is a great solution for that. I assemble everything in the crock pot the night before, put it in the fridge overnight (or thaw it in the fridge overnight, if it was frozen previously), and then in the morning I turn the crock pot on low but then set the electrical outlet to turn on at whatever time will give me the cooking time I need. :o)
  79. Karen says:
    I found this on Pinterest quite some time ago and am just now getting around to it. =) However, when I printed the shopping list I thought something was missing from when I read through all of the recipes. I went back and double checked and there are several things missing from the list. One was cream of chicken soup. 3 cans total are needed, but none listed...? There were a few other things as well. I don't know if this is too "old" to change, but I thought I'd bring it up. I'm so excited about trying these recipes. I've been wanting to do freezer meals for a long time and just never have!! Once I do these I'm going to check out the "8 Meals" that people are talking about on here!! =) Thanks for the kitchen help!!! Some of us need it WAY more than others (me). I'm so marking your page as a favorite in my list!!!
  80. Camille (Six Sisters Stuff) says:
    Hi Karen! I just wanted to make sure that you got both pages of the shopping list? The 3 cans of cream of chicken soup are listed on the second page (along with the other ingredients that you thought might be missing?). I hope that this helps! Have a great day! Camille
  81. Amanda says:
    When doing the freezer meals, do you have to thaw them first? Or can you just put them straight from freezer into the crock pot?
  82. Cyd says:
    Thaw first for 24 hours in the fridge prior to going into the slow cooker!
  83. Tayla Gonzalez says:
    My husband and I recently made your 8 freezer meals in one hour. Our family has made four of them so far - with GREAT reviews!!! This was our first attempt at slow cooker freezer meals and has been a wonderful experience. We enjoyed prepping together and the overall convenience of not having to "think" about "... what's for dinner?..."! It has been nice just deciding what we are craving and TA-DA!!! We can't wait to add these to our rotation!!! Thank you for making our lives easier!!!
  84. Jenna says:
    I have lots of food sensitivities, so I found recipes for taco seasoning, dry onion soup, chili seasoning, Italian salad dressing mix, ranch dressing mix, cranberry sauce, and cream of anything soups. It seems like a sizable list but actually only added about 30" to the prep time. We liked all of the recipes but especially the meatballs.
  85. Lisa says:
    I've tried the 8 freezer meals and loved them. Just found these 10. I usually never leave comments wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time spent on this website in these meals and that they're free. I especially love the printable shopping list. Makes things so much easier. Thanks so much for sharing.
  86. Teresa B. says:
    I'm so excited to try these for my postpartum meals! And I've always made meatballs with chili sauce and grape jelly. That's the BEST way! And so good! Thanks for putting together the shopping list as well. It makes it really easy especially for us new mommies who tend to forget things....... :)
  87. Mommy says:
    I was wondering if you can used canned potatoes in the freezer meals?
  88. Cyd says:
    We haven't used canned, but they should work just fine.
  89. Michelle says:
    People have asked about needing to thaw the meals prior to cooking. Ideally a 24hr thaw time is best. I did want to offer an alternative. I'm not known for planning ahead. Knowing this I cut the chicken breasts into smaller pieces. That moves the thaw/cooking process along significantly when you start from frozen vs full sized chicken breasts (many of which get shredded anyway). This only works if you're not using frozen chicken breasts. I also find it's easier to split portions according to appetites when you have smaller sizes so instinctively I've always done this since the kids were tiny (now all grown). Thank you for sharing these amazing recipes. Although we are empty nesters now freezer cooking still works for us. A single recipe feeds us two nights, with a lunch or two to take to work. After feeding an army for years I never adjusted to 'just two'. If I'm going to cook I might as well just cook and have something to show for it. The end result is far less time in the kitchen and a full freezer. :-) Blessings.
  90. Linda “Getting Excited” says:
    Hi, my name is Linda. I’ve been falling in love with your baggie dump Freezer Meals ideas. Sadly, due to my health, I can no longer cook as much as I use to. We just recently got an “Insta Pot” and don’t like fancy meal cookbook it came with. Am I missing somewhere how to cook these baggie “Freezer Meals” in an Insta Pot??? Should they be thawed first?? Only Some recipes, as you’re labeling the bags, you mention “Slow Cooker” High or low times but, not much Insta Pot. Couldn’t find on recipes either. I’m soooo ready to do these Freezer Meals, can you tell me how/where to find Insta Pot info or is it easier to just dump in crock pot. Thank you so very much. Getting Excited
  91. Momma Cyd says:
    You can find SO much on Youtube.com. Type in "six sisters stuff freezer meals" in the search bar. You will see so many of our recipes and they are for both the Instant pot and slow cooker. Hope this helps and reach out to us if you need more info.
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