Wedding Week: Videographer

You asked for it – and we are excited to announce it is finally here:
Wedding Week on Six Sisters’ Stuff!

Join us every night this week as we highlight our favorite moments and vendors from the wedding!
(Above photo copyright of Kenton Anderson – Utah Wedding Photographer)

As we were planning for the big day – we had a lot of help from our readers finding the best-of-the-best wedding vendors.  As soon as Elyse found out I was getting married (before it was even “official”), she posted on our Facebook asking who you would recommend for Videographers. Almost everyone’s response was the same: Pointe Digital.

After our experience with them – I can see why!

We first met Doug on the night of our Bridal and Groomal Photoshoot. Instantly, we could tell he was a very experienced videographer. He knew exactly how to position us, where to film, when and when to film. It had been raining ALL day, but finally cleared up in time for the shoot. Unfortunately, the wind was still going strong. Luckily, he was the type of guy who knew how to work with it. If you watch the video of our “First Look,” not only will you get to see some GREAT shots of my dress ;), but you will not even be able to tell it was so windy that the trees were practically bending over! It was perfectly put together with candid moments that I thought no one could catch on film, and music that couldn’t possibly fit the scenes any better!


Okay – so is it not the cutest video you’ve seen? Maybe I’m biased, but I felt like it showcased our personalities perfectly! I loved shots and angles – especially the one of our feet! The video of our wedding day just as good, if not better! I think what I love most about Pointe Digital is the way they captured the little moments! From the looks on our faces, to the buttons on my dress, to the small details of the temple, and all the girls sneaking treats between photographs (I was just so hungry that day!).

Stephanie & Andrew at the Bountiful Temple from Davey Orgill on Vimeo.

Overall, I loved my experience with Pointe Digital. After shooting the morning of the wedding, they had all the footage edited and ready to show at our reception that night! They were so quick and timely, and covered everything from our wedding slideshow displayed at our luncheon, to recording the smallest details of our special day.

If you, or anyone you know, are looking for a videographer, I would highly recommend their services!

For all of their updates and videos, be sure to check out PointeDigital.Com, and follow Pointe Digital on Facebook.

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7 Responses to “Wedding Week: Videographer”

  1. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your wedding details with us! I just love seeing how every bride and groom chooses details that are special and unique to them--that is what matters! I love seeing how your sisters were so happy with/for you. I am getting married in 26 days (yay!!!), and as the youngest of three girls, I am blown away by my sisters' support and excitement for my marriage. I can't wait to have them and my three best friends there with me as I marry my love! There really is nothing like having sisters (and friends who are like sisters)! Happy marriage to you newlyweds...aren't you so excited for your first married holiday season?! I know I am! :)
  2. Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke
    OH my goodness, I love both videos SO much! Even being a photographer, my most treasured from our wedding day is our video, and they were SO new when I got married (14 years ago). I loved seeing the first glance, and loved seeing Camille swat Steph on the bum coming out of the temple, I got all teary eyed seeing all the sisters in that gorgeous blue dress (def. can wear that again!) and to see your parents (so much similarities), loved it all, girls!! congrats, Steph, it looked like a fabulous day!

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