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Moving is not my favorite thing, but we seem to do it a lot. My little family has moved 6 times in the last 8 years. We have moved around Salt Lake City, to Arizona, to Missouri, to Northern Utah, and now on to Indiana! It has been quite an adventure to the least!

I feel I have become a pretty experienced mover. This time was a little different then the last because we now have 3 kids (ages 6, 4 and 18 months) and 2 cars that we didn’t want to sell. I started researching on other ways to move rather than packing up a moving truck and I came across U-Pack and their ReloCube Containers and I fell in love.

ReloCube® – U-Pack Moving Container


These containers are awesome! They brought the moving containers right next to our storage facility and because it was so close, it took  less than 2 hours (with 3 people helping) to fit everything we owned into our cubes. Our california king bed, mattress, large sofa, and our 8 person table fit easily.


 Some of the things I love about U-Pak are:

They’re weatherproof
They’re convenient for parking
They’re easy to load
They’re secure
They’re affordable
and the best part is:
They were delivered right to my door

We weren’t sure how many relo-cubes we needed so we ordered 4. You will only be charged for how many containers you actually use.  We ended up using all 4 so I am so glad we ordered that many! But if we had used only 3, they would have taken back the last without charging us for ordering it.


 After 3 days, 26 hours in the car, many potty stops, and a visit with some friends, WE MADE IT to Indiana!

U-Pack picked up our things on a Saturday and left Utah on a Monday.  Our things were delivered to us on Friday.  We purposely beat our U-Pack by a day so I could clean the whole house before moving all of our items in. I had many friends who moved the same week as we did and their stuff didn’t arrive for 3 weeks! With U-Pack, you know exactly when they will arrive and it doesn’t take long at all!

I researched many moving companies and my husband and I decided to go with U-Pack because of their customer service. Every phone call, meeting, and delivery was great. They were kind, considerate and knew what they were doing. I was very impressed.

To Learn more about Relo-Cubes click HERE or you can go to to see more of their moving options.

We are so excited to begin a new chapter in our lives in Indiana!  Happy Moving!


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  1. Erin B
    Indiana is a great midwest state. I was born & raised in Indiana and miss living there now that I've moved to DC. Indiana has great people and it's drivable to many other states and cities. Best wishes to you and your family.

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