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  1. Melissa Torres says:
    Great way to get some yummy, crunchy veggies in everyone!
  2. Tom says:
    Ur best foods mayo. Looks a lot like a jar of hellmann's mayonnaise. I have never seen it before, is it the same.
  3. Cyd says:
    Any Mayo will be fine. We have even used store brands.
  4. Kelly Ambrose says:
    So I love this but I feel like the red onion flavor is over powering everything else :( any idea on how to tame it?
  5. Jennifer Hippe says:
    I noticed that too when I moved from the west coast to the midwest. Best foods & Hellman's are the same! Says so right on the jar :)
  6. Janelle says:
    You have to eat it that day. I made this for an open house the evening prior. I served it less then 12 hours the following day and it was super dry. I whipped up another batch of the dressing and mixed it in. Still overwhelmingly dry. I think it’s one of those that has to be served after making it. It does say in the pin that she usually doesn’t save it, that it’s all gone. I should have picked a recipe that said it stored well for a make ahead event.
  7. Dora berzoza says:
    Do you add broccoli cooked or uncooked
  8. Cyndi says:
    Try using a sweet onion, such as a Vidalia, in place of the red onion. The flavor will be milder.
  9. Cyd says:
    We add the broccoli uncooked.
  10. Jill says:
    Is the dressing sweet? I see the recipe has just a little sugar.
  11. Cyd says:
    It's not super sweet. But the tangy flavor of the mayo adds the perfect amount of sweetness.
  12. Mary Jane Hall says:
    I've always wondered why the red onion restaurants have on their salad bar doesn't have that hot onion taste. The red onion I'd buy wasn't nearly as good. I'm happy to share a tip I learned from someone on the Food Network. To take away that hot onion taste, all you have to do is soak the sliced red onion in cold water at least 30 minutes before serving or adding to your fresh salad. I normally let it soak a littler longer, up to an hour. Even though a red onion is called a sweet onion, it's never been sweet to me, probably because I use the delicious sweet Vidalia onion. A tip I learned from my sister who lived in Georgia is, the flatter the onion, the sweeter it is. But a red onion does have that distinctive taste needed for many dishes. I keep both onions on hand.
  13. Alicia says:
    Can you use something else besides white wine vinegar? I couldn’t find it in the store.
  14. Cyd says:
    A rice vinegar or cider vinegar could be used. But add sparingly until you get a taste you like.
  15. Kenna says:
    can you use plain white vinegar?
  16. Cyd says:
    Start with 1 teaspoon and taste test it first. Then if you feel it needs more, add the 2nd teaspoon.
  17. Ann says:
    Very similar to a salad I concocted several years ago, but I include chopped celery and cooked chicken, using a 1 to 1 ratio of mayo and ranch dressing to finish it off. Easy-peasy, and everyone always wants the recipe.

    5 stars

  18. Beth Beckman says:
    Could you start including nutritional information with your recipes? If that is possible, I would be more interested in trying them!
  19. Pcam says:
    I add feta cheese to this and it is amazing! I also use green onion instead of red.
  20. Brenda says:
    Try soaking the onions in water a half hour or so before you use them, works on yellow onions too.
  21. Shayna says:
    Very Tasty! I added bacon but otherwise followed the recipe exactly!

    5 stars

  22. Jill says:
    Could you use plain Greek yogurt instead of Mayo?
  23. Momma Cyd says:
    Yes, you could use Plain Greek Yogurt in place of the mayo, but it will change the taste a little.
  24. Jane Doe says:
    Not nearly enough dressing for all the salad. Dry and bland.

    2 stars

  25. MamaAsh says:
    I like making this on Sunday and having leftovers for an easylunch throughout the week!

    5 stars

  26. Debbie says:
    Yes, they are the same. I thinks it’s called Hellmans in east coast, best foods on west coast.
  27. Linda Starkey says:
    Pasta always absorbs the dressing and one batch is definitely not enough. Going to make another batch and hope that doesn’t the trick.

    3 stars

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