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  1. gale brick says:
    I have been researching freezer meals. Some of the sites were confusing, some not practical and some I just wasn't interested. Then I found yours and it is within my budget and our taste buds. I am handicapped so prefreezing meals on a good day for me to eat on a bad day seems reasonable. Also our income is strictly Social Security so again planning a must. So ladies you have come thru with a home run!! Thank you so much.
  2. Sylvia Lozada says:
    Love ur recipes
  3. Morgan says:
    The shopping list has an error. 2 meals call for taco seasoning, 1 uses a full packet, but you only include 1 on the list.
  4. Tammy Walsh says:
    Morgan, each recipe only uses a 1/2 of the packet. It shows it on the video though.
  5. Tiffany says:
    I love your new recipes this year with your crock pot and instant pot foods. Would you breakfast with the instant pot ideas and crock pot too,
  6. Monica says:
    When it says things like 4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts - how large are your chicken breasts usually? I feel like mine are HUGE. I don't use the bag of pre-frozen breasts from Kroger because it's always $2-3 more expensive per bag.
  7. Cyd Adamson says:
    The frozen bags of boneless skinless chicken breasts at Kroger come with about 5-8 chicken breasts and it's a 3 pound bag. So most breasts are about 6-8 ounces. Hope this helps. If yours are huge, you could maybe get 3 smaller portions out of one chicken breast.
  8. JaNae Wright says:
    On the Kalua Pork instant pot method, do I need to add water? Or just put the roast in, straight from freezer bag?
  9. Cyd Adamson says:
    Add about 1 cup of water for the instant pot method.
  10. Dana Weathers says:
    There is actually a couple of mistakes on the shopping list. The recipes here call for 1 can of tomatoes with green chillies in 2 separate recipes, but the list has 1 can of crushed tomatoes. The list also calls for 3 lbs of ground turkey and recipes use ground beef. Just made all of these for my daughter who just had her 2nd baby recently. She will love them!
  11. SG says:
    The meatball sliders do not have instructions for how long to cook in instapot.
  12. Tammy Tistle says:
    I can't wait to start doing this!! Is there someplace I can go to on this site and print all of the recipes for the 10 freezer meals with only 25 ingredients? I've aleady printed the shopping list...
  13. Mira says:
    I've seen so much about these freezer recipes while surfing this place! Excited I finally see it! I've been surfing around and commenting tons today. This is so cool!
  14. Marie says:
    It doesn’t say how long in insta pot for meat balls
  15. Karin says:
    When these recipes have the insta pot times like 25 minutes, what setting on the insta pot is that? Pressure cook?
  16. Momma Cyd says:
    Yes, Manual or Pressure Cook- depending on what Instant Pot you have.
  17. Pamela Southam from Saratoga Springs says:
    My 3 daughters and I are getting together to do a "Freezer Meal" night. This will be our 2nd thank you . I appreciate you helping these mothers with more time for their family. We have such fun calling each other when we have used one. Yummy!!!
  18. Momma Cyd says:
    We love this! Sounds like so much fun. Any time you get together with your daughters is the BEST! I agree! :) Stay safe down the road in Saratoga Springs!
  19. Susan says:
    For the instant pot recipes are they a natural release or quick release?
  20. Momma Cyd says:
    They can vary or be either. We try really hard to let you know in our videos or recipes if it's a natural or quick release, or if it doesn't matter.
  21. Ellen Wilson says:
    I made your Black Bean Corn Salsa Chicken last night but I modified it because I served it fresh (instead of frozen) using leftover already cooked chicken. I just put all the ingredients in a microwaveable dish. Because the chicken was already cooked, I microwaved it for 4 minutes (just enough to warm it up) and served it with toppings as burritos, It was a big hit and super fast! All in one microwaveable pot. Yay! I loved repurposing that chicken rather than throwing it out. Thanks!
  22. Momma Cyd says:
    YUM! Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.
  23. Jo Spriggs says:
    Wonderful recipes
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