OneDay App- the BEST free app for parents! (Video Memories Made Easy)

Our mom is pretty much wonder woman.

Mom and Sisters
(Can you even tell which one is our mom? She could honestly pass as a sister!)

When we were growing up, she had a journal for each of us that she faithfully wrote in each Sunday. She wrote down the things we liked to do, what we were involved in at the time, funny things we would say, and so much more. We now each have a couple of journals that she wrote about us and they are such treasures to us.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I knew that this was something I wanted to continue. So, I went out and bought this beautiful leather journal and wrote the first entry to my unborn child about how excited I was to be his/her mother (I was about 12 weeks along at this point).
Unfortunately, that was the only entry that I ever wrote.

Fast forward to today- I now have three kids ages 7 and under. Between work, shuttling my kids to school and other activities, and just life in general, I don’t have time to keep a journal. I tried my hand at scrapbooking, but that also took up a lot of time (and money for all the fun supplies!). Even digital scrapbooking was just too time consuming for me! But I felt guilty that I wasn’t doing something to record these sweet ages and stages that my kids were going through.

I was at a conference about a month ago and was introduced to the founders of the OneDay App. They started explaining the simple concept of their app– everyday, you ask your child a question and video record it with their app. You then can combine all these short video clips into a longer video with one click of a button. It also adds music and turns it into a quality video that you can have for the rest of your lives. These moments that fly by so quickly are recorded so that you can always remember them!

I forgot to mention the best part- this app is FREE!

I freaked out- this is exactly what I needed. Only seconds a day and I would be able to have memories of my children at these fun ages and stages.

So, here is what this app is all about.

CLICK HERE to download the app. Like I said above, it’s totally free.

Once it’s uploaded, it’s literally the most user-friendly app you will ever own!

When you click on the “+” button, it will take you to a page of all the different “stories” that you can ask questions about. This is only about a 1/3 of the stories that are available. Within each story are about 10 different questions about that topic. When you download the app, you will see all the different stories that are available- including pets, school, siblings, faith/God, grandparents, vacation memories, and so much more.

Once you pick what story you want to use, a video screen like this pops up. As you record your child, the question to ask appears at the bottom of the screen. You can scroll through to a different question if you would like to.

Now the name of this app – OneDay– implies that you ask one question a day. It would literally take 5 seconds. You could do it while they put their shoes on before school or right before they sit down to eat dinner. Everyone, even the busiest person out there, has 10 seconds a day to record some memories. And if your kids are anything like my kids, they LOVE making videos of themselves.


Once you are finished with all the questions in that story, you can choose to save your video to your phone’s camera roll or share it – email it to family/friends, post on your YouTube channel, put it on your family blog, share it on Facebook, etc.

Once your video is uploaded, you are good to go!

My kids love watching the finished videos and sharing them with their cousins who live far away. We uploaded this video to my YouTube channel so that our grandparents who live far away can watch and enjoy also.

Now this app isn’t just for kids- I am a big fan of family history. I love the stories that my grandparents share of their childhood and college years. I love hearing about what life was like back then and having them share those memories. My husband has lost two grandmothers and a grandfather in the past few years and what we wouldn’t give to have some short videos like this of them talking about some of their favorite memories. Sometimes it can be awkward to just start talking to a camera, but with the question prompts that OneDay gives you, it makes it so easy.

Let us know if you give the app a try! We have been having a lot of fun with it the last few days and can’t wait to try out some different stories with other members of our family.
*This post is sponsored by OneDay App, a free app available in the iTunes store. All opinions expressed are my own.

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