Make Your Own MONSTER PUPPETS Printable Pattern

 So a couple of months ago, I was sitting behind this little boy at church and he pulled out these cute little hand puppets with interchangeable parts (like a Potato Head) and they kept him entertained QUIETLY all through church! At the end of the church service, I pulled out a scratch piece of paper and frantically started drawing all the little parts that I could remember. I then came home and drew up some puppets of my own. My sisters came over the next day and we spent the afternoon making these puppets with all their many different parts and the rest is history . . . I LOVE how they turned out and my kids (and husband!) have had tons of fun with them. We take them to church, to the doctor’s office, in the car- anywhere I need the kids to hold still and sit quietly for a little while. The best thing is all the parts can easily be stored in a Ziploc bag and thrown in your purse. Want to make some? Well, you are in luck because we are sharing all our secrets (and our patterns!)!

 Seriously, aren’t they so cute?
 So first you will want to cut out all your monster body shapes (the pattern is at the end of the post).  You will want to cut out two body shapes for each monster and sew/glue the two shapes together so that you can stick your hand in them (like a puppet . . . obviously). We used flannel material and sewed the bodies of our monsters, but if I were to make these again, I would used felt and maybe even hot glue the edges (either way will work great). You can use any colors you want and make as many as you want (I have 2 kids and made four puppets so that they could each have two puppets). The velcro that I bought was sticky on the back, but even we ended up hot gluing the velcro onto the puppet to enforce it even more. I have been using mine for almost a year and have not had any problems with the velcro coming off.
We made about 6 shapes for each category. All of the parts were made with felt. We just kind of made them up as we went along . . . you will probably think of more fun things to make as you make your own!
Since making these, I think that it would be fun to add lots of different animal noses (besides just the pig nose!).
Onto the printable templates . . . for now, I just uploaded them as a JPG file . . . I am not sure how else to do it (besides uploading them to Scribd, but then some people would have to pay for the files and I want them to be free for everyone). So, the best thing would be to copy each image, then paste into a blank Word document. Resize the image so that it fills the entire 8 1/2 x 11″ page (it may be a little fuzzy, but you just need it so that you can cut it out and trace the pattern, so fuzzy is okay!) and print it out. From there, cut out all the shapes and trace them onto your felt. Cut out the shapes, glue them together as needed (such as the eyes and mouths), attach velcro to the back of all the shapes, and you are good to go! I think that covers everything, but if you have ANY questions, feel free to ask!
 As you make your own and come up with fun new accessories, we would love to see them!! Please send us pictures and we will add them to our post so that others can see your great ideas! The possibilities with these puppets are endless!
Please, please, please only use these for your personal use. Don’t try and sell them or do something dishonest like that- it’s not nice. 🙂 But we know that you are all nice people.
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  1. Santa's little elves just finished making these for my daughters for Christmas. I am thrilled with how they turned out! Thank you so much for the post. I'm hoping these will be a great distraction on our Christmas travels. How do you store yours? Zip top bags? Do you put them all in the same bag? or do you have a separate bag for hands/eyes/etc?
  2. Wonderful idea! I have a set my Mom gave us and they are great. However I needed more 'cute' pieces. Mine are all monster. I love some of your patterns. My set has the loop side of velcro on the eyes/nose/mouth/ect parts only. The puppet itself is made of a material that the velcro will stick to. I would love to find more of that fabric, I think it is a Dacron / Polyester with a fuzzy side.
  3. Warm greetings to you all This is an answer to a prayer It is with a thankful heart filled with much Gratitude that I send this reply My linguistic skills and vocabulary appear very stunted when trying to describe my appreciation for your Generosity to put it bluntly is I am a BBC Born before computers chronologically advantaged and digitally illiterate What I am trying to do is make a hand puppet in the shape of a dalek to explain to children about the concept of fear. Sent enveloped in great expectations Kathy S

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