Homemade Gak

Winter is here . . . and it is CRAZY cold in Utah! The HIGH temperature for the day doesn’t even reach 20 degrees and the low in the morning is usually a negative number. I try not to take my kids anywhere and so we are forced to find things to do to entertain ourselves.
The best part about this craft is that it seriously took less than 3 minutes to throw together and it entertained my kids for 2 straight hours! I am not even kidding!

 To make your own gak, this is what you will need:

-2 (4 oz) bottles of Elmer’s glue (or one big 8 oz bottle like mine)
-1 teaspoon Borax (I bought that huge box of Borax at WalMart for less than $2. You can find it on the laundry detergent aisle)
-Food coloring
Empty your bottles of glue into a big bowl. Then fill the empty bottles with warm water, shake it up and dump it into the bowl with the glue. Add some food coloring (the more you add, the more vibrant your gak will be). Set the bowl aside.
 Fill a cup with 1/2 cup of warm water. Add the 1 teaspoon of Borax and mix until the Borax is dissolved. Pour the Borax mixture into your bowl and start stirring (I used a big wooden spoon to mix it up). You will see that it will start to get “stringy”. When it becomes difficult to stir with a spoon, continuing mixing with your hands. Keep squishing it and kneading it until it starts to become gelatinous.
The more you play with it, the more “gak”-like it becomes!
I occasionally let my kids play with Play-Doh, but I hate it because it smells funny and when it dries out, it leaves a huge mess behind. This Gak doesn’t smell at all and it doesn’t dry out or leave a mess behind! When we are done playing, we just put it in a large Ziploc bag and save it for another day! It is awesome!
Kristyn over at Lil’ Luna also has a cute idea to give this Gak as a gift . . . you can check it out here.

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  1. I do this with my students in Chemistry, and it is always one of their favorite labs! The Borax can be hard to find sometimes, but Target always seems to have it - usually on a bottom shelf near the laundry detergent, but not always exactly next to it (which I found out one day after searching for it for about 20 minutes one aisle over from where it was!)
    • You would be fine to not use any coloring at all, if you want! It won't be a very fun color, but it would be the same gooey texture. I used a lot of food coloring and the kids played on my white countertop and it kind of discolored the countertop, but I was able to clean it off with some scouring powder. I hope that helps!
    • Hi Shelley, It would depend on how much food coloring you put it. I used about a half a bottle of green and it left a faint outline on my white counter. You don't need to add color or just put a little in to make it a fun light shade. You can totally leave it white and for sure not have any problems. But I think you would be fine just coloring it barely. Sounds like a fun Sunday School to me!!! :) Hope this helps.
  2. We just made this and I used gel food coloring (just a few drops of blue and red for a nice lavender) and it didn't stain anything at all. Thanks for this, they had great fun! Unfortunately the 11 year old (of course it would be the oldest) discovered why you shouldn't use it as a hat ROFL.
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  4. Heather Owens
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We can not play with playdoh here due to celiac disease (it is made with wheat, primarily, and my husband and I are both sensitive to wheat). It would contaminate the whole house badly. Also, I hate salt dough, it has a gritty texture and is a pain to make. This Gak stuff is the most amazing stuff ever! For about 3 bucks (get the 4oz glue bottles at Walmart, it is the cheapest cost per ounce) we made 3 batches of Gak (one per kid) and a sick day went from unbearably whiny to fun. Plus, we threw in a chemistry lesson about changing the properties of substances. Thank you again, this was SO much fun!!!
  5. I enjoy your site. I work as a sub in a preschool and remembered this idea from when my own kids were young. I was happy to find your recipe as I planned to make it for my grandsons. . . until my now grown daughter warned me about Borax being absorbed and toxic and asked me not to do it. Please read the recent Government warning, they offer a safe substitute, cornstarch, that makes it just as well. http://www.co.thurston.wa.us/health/admin/news/PDF/HealthNewsBorax2013.pdf

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