Baby Bear Beanie

While we have been plagued with sickness at our house I took to some crocheting!  I learned to crochet in 6th grade.  They only taught us how to crochet a scarf which is about as basic as it gets because you just make long straight lines.  I read online how to crochet again and, after a little refresher, was good to go!  It really is so easy and I know any of you guys could do it!  There are even videos online that take you through it step by step if you don’t understand certain terms, etc.  I have seen a lot of these beanies on etsy and wanted to buy one but didn’t want to spend $30!  I combined a few patterns I have seen to make this one for less than $4!

3 to 6 month:
Size H hook, or similar
1.  Chain 4, slip stitch to join and form a ring.
2.  Chain 2, make 10 double crochet in the ring.
3.  Chain 2, and make 2 double crochet in each stitch around, slip stitch to join.
4.  Repeat step 3.
5.  Chain 2 and turn, double crochet in each stitch around.  Slip stitch to join.
6.  Repeat step 5 until you reach desired length for beanie and tie off end.

Ear Flaps (make 2 exactly across from each other on the beanie)
1.  7 double crochet on one side of the beanie.
2.  Double crochet across the whole next row.
3.  Chain 1, turn, skip first hole, 5 double crochet, chain 1, turn.
4.  Double crochet across the whole next row.
5.  Skip 1st hole, 3 double crochet, chain 1, turn.
6.  Skip 1st hole, double crochet across the remaining row, tie off when you get to the end.

Next, starting in the back center of the hat, single crochet along the whole edge to make it even and have a finished edge.  Tie off.
Cut 12 pieces of yarn for each ear flap to make the braids.  I made the pieces twice as long as I wanted the braid so I could just string the yarn through one of the holes on the bottom of the ear flap, rather than tying big knots to connect the braids.  I picked 3 holes and they each had 4 pieces of yarn through them.  Braid together and tie in a knot.

Ear (make 2):
Chain 3, join with a slip stitch to form a ring.  (It will be tight!)
Row 1: 5 single crochet
Row 2: 2 single crochet, 3 single crochet in the same st, 2 single crochet (total 8 single crochet)
Row 3:  1 single crochet in each stitch (8 total)
Row 4:  2 single crochet in the same st, 6 single crochet, 2 single crochet in the same st (total 10 single crochet)
Row 5:  1 single crochet in each st of previous row.

Leave a long tail so you can attach the ears to the beanie hat.  I also just use matching thread and sew the ears on where I want them.

This is probably confusing because I just hurried and threw it together!  Let me know if you decide you want to crochet and need me to help/explain!
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