25 Easy Hairstyles With Braids

I love trying different hairstyles! Spring is always time for a new fresh look after a long winter. You can play them up or down for any occasion. I use braids for soccer, and for prom!


Click on the link below the picture to find the tutorial!

DIY Waterfall Braid Tutorial

Braided Top Knot
Braided Half-up Tutorial

One Side Braid

Braided Topsy Tail

Braid-Y Bunch

 Fishtail Updo

French Braid Bun

Half Up Braids

Rope Braid Chignon

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58 Responses to “25 Easy Hairstyles With Braids”

  1. Emily Duncan
    Wow these braids are so pretty! I also have five sisters and I think its a great idea you guys stay in touch over this blog.Me and my sister Hannah were just looking at braids and came to this website and I was amazed by this page because it makes me think of me and my sisters.Right now we are younger and we still live together but if we were older I would want to do something like this to stay in touch. :D
  2. Beckybeq
    THANK YOU! 13 year old daughter asked at the last minute for an updo for her last middle school concert. Even with my complete set of fumble fingers, I was able to do the Braid-y bunch. She tells me she got a lot of compliments on it. :o)
  3. just wanted to say, love your hair ideas! i felt connected once i stumbled onto your site first because i have twin girls that love, love, love hair styles and second because i am also one of six sisters! (no brothers) Thank you for your ideas! would love to hear from you so i can chat about your experiences growing up. we get together once a year for sisters weekend and have a blast. get a lot of looks when we all wear matching shirts! thanks again! Trish
    • Hi Trish, I am the mother of the six sisters and answer their comments for them. How fun that you are also one of six sisters. And another random side note....Stephanie (sister #4) just announced that she is expecting twins. What a coincidence!! We are so glad to have you stop by our blog! I'm sure if my girls got together with you and your sisters, you could share some great stories!! :)
  4. DC AI Collective
    I experimented with the Waterfall Braid Updo the previous evening for an engagement party. Adored it! A debt of gratitude is in order for the connections. Will be attempting some a greater amount of these out with the a large number of weddings I need to go to this Summer Thanks for post.. http://dcaicollective.org/
  5. Cute Nicknames
    These look truly adorable. I truly like the fishtail mesh. I should attempt it on my girl when her hair gets somewhat more. Much obliged for connecting up to Gathering Time on Mothers and Munchkins and we would like to see you one week from now https://cute-nicknames.com

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