Valentine’s Day X’s and O’s

Jared built this shelf for me and I wanted to put some Valentine decor on it, so this is what I came up with today (I actually saw something similar to it at Tatertots and Jello, but tweaked it a little bit)!
Time is short when you are a mom of two toddlers . . . so here is my one hour $10 craft! I picked up these lovely frames at a thrift store for $4. I took them out back to spray paint them black ($1 for the paint from Walmart).
These letters were at Hobby Lobby. I wanted my X’s and O’s to all be different, so I ended up paying $4 for the four of them. However, you wanted them to be the same, they sell them in packs of 2 for $1. I painted them red and white . . .
Then I picked up some Valentine paper ($1 for all 4 sheets). I cut them out to the size of the frame and glued the paper on. Then I popped these back into their frames and glued the wood letters on (I threw away the glass that came with the frames).
The finished product! Cheap, quick, and easy!
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  1. Those are so CUTE! I am such a fan of your blog, and this project is no exception. I have a 3 year old, so I totally understand the need for cheap and quick; this is fabulous. It would absolutely make my day if you'd be willing to share here when you get a chance:

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