Make and share holiday memories with the FREE OneDay App!

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to one of our favorite free apps:
The OneDay App.

We received so many positive comments and emails about how much you loved this app that we wanted to share with you some of the upgrades and changes that have happened with the app since that post.

First of all, this app is currently still FREE, so hurry and download the app today!

Now, with the holidays right around the corner and Halloween just days away, I know that most of you are going to be running around like crazy with final preparations and making sure that everything is ready for the perfect holiday season. But really, isn’t the holiday season a time to make some special memories? Holidays were always my favorite time of year and now with this app, it’s easy to record those memories in a matter of seconds.

Let me quickly explain what the OneDay app is all about . . .

OneDay is a free app that you can download on your phone or tablet. And I promise- it’s incredibly user-friendly.
There are many different themes for different ages (from babies to grandparents- they’ve got you covered!).

First, decide what you want your “story” (a.k.a. recorded memories) to be about.


Depending on which story you chose, you will be prompted with the question to ask the person being interviewed. Push the red button to start recording.


After you are finished recording the answer to the question, push the red button again to stop recording. Click “save” to keep the short video (or delete it and do it again . . . as I have done many times!).


You can continue to record more questions or you can save this story for another day to finish later. When I have made these videos, I usually ask 3 or 4 questions in a row . . . I figure that I have my child’s attention and that I had better take advantage of it while I can!


Once I feel like I have enough content, I exit out of the questions and click play. It takes a couple of seconds to stitch them together and add some music, but within less than a minute, you have a little piece of today that you will cherish forever! The best part about this app: it’s so easy to use. You don’t have to do any editing or have a degree in graphic design- the app does all of that for you.


From here, you can email the video to family and friends, upload the video to YouTube, share it on Facebook, or do anything else with it that you would like to. It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

And just in time for Halloween, they have released a couple of new Halloween questions . . . you can check out me asking my son those questions here:

My favorite video was the one I made with my 2 year old daughter –  she has watched me make a couple videos of each of her older siblings and wanted to get in on the action. Of course, it wouldn’t work to ask her questions, so I quickly browsed through the different stories available and noticed that there was a section for babies and toddlers. They were simple and sweet and there is an option to flip the camera around so that she could watch herself while we recorded her. Anyway, her darling video is one of my favorites (is there anything better than a happy, clean baby fresh out of the tub? I think not!):


The holidays are incredibly busy, but there are so many magical moments that you won’t want to miss – this app will help you record those special memories and have them forever. And since the app is completely free, you definitely will want to add it to your phone or tablet!

*At this time, this app is only available on the iPhone, however, the Android app is in development and testing and is expected to be released in early 2015! We will keep you posted. In about two weeks, you can sign up on their website to be on an email list to be notified when it’s released.

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  1. wow,,, this is such am amazing app to save our memories. the best thing is in this app that we need not to edit anything this app provide every facility. I am going to hilly areas to spend my witter holidays so I will definitely use this app to make videos of beautiful movements. i can't wait to download this superb app.

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