No-Sew I-Spy Bag and Quiet Book Tutorial


There are lots of tutorials for cute I-Spy bags that require sewing and buying a plastic transparent sheet and measuring and . . . ug. Too much for me. Sometimes I like to be able to sit down and do a project and have it done in just a couple of minutes . . . this is one of those projects! And it is really cheap, too!

Materials needed:
-a pencil case with transparent front
(98 cents at Wal-Mart)
-about 8 oz of poly pellets
(the clear filler stuff- it is the same thing they use to fill stuffed animals!) ($3.99 at Hobby Lobby for 16 oz- enough to make 2!)
-random little toys/objects/buttons/beads that you find around your house
(you will want about 25 things, maybe more)
-hot glue gun
-piece of ribbon

First take a picture of all your little items that are going in the bag. This is the picture that I used. Also, make a list of all the items (I typed mine up).

I glued my list on the backside of my picture and laminated it so that it would last longer than one day. I then quickly hand-stitched the list/picture to a piece of ribbon and then stitched the ribbon onto the pencil pouch (yikes- don’t look closely at my stitching! I was trying to hurry and finish it before church so that I could take it with us!). This way, we won’t ever lose the list of what to look for. I also liked the idea of having a picture of all the items so that my 3 year old could find things on her own, without us having to tell her every couple of seconds what item to look for next.

Put your items and your poly pellets in your pencil pouch and zip it up. Then, go crazy on that zipper with the glue gun! You don’t want any little poly pellets ever falling out. Can you imagine the mess that would make??? No thank you!

Ta-da!! All done! The other great thing about using a pencil pouch is that you can put it in a 3-ring binder . . . add some fun file folder games and you have a quiet book!!! Sure, it is not as fancy as those cute felt quiet books, but it sure is priced right . . . and only takes a couple minutes to make. 🙂

Want some fun file folder games? I found mine here. You can purchase them individually and print them off, or you can buy a book full of file folder games. Also, you can google “File Folder Games” and there are a couple of cute free ones out there!


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16 Responses to “No-Sew I-Spy Bag and Quiet Book Tutorial”

  1. This is so BRILLIANT! I love the picture list for non-readers and I love that it fits nicely in a binder with other things. I just might take mine apart and make them this way...
    I just found your blog from somebody's facebook link and I just have to say you six girls are just about the greatest sisters ever! (Not including mine of course, as there are six of us girls in my family!) I love all your ideas and am going to be a faithful follower! Thanks for sharing all your grand schemes and ideas, but what I love the most is your obvious love and support of each other. You girls are great!
    Kristen Nebeker
  2. I made a few of these bags after seeing your blog! I thought they were brilliant! Instead of using hot glue, though, I used super glue around the base of the zipper pull quite heavily & in the zipper teeth (after I zipped it of course!) & then used a handle (the white ropey looking type) from an old gift bag & tied a knot through the top grommet of the bag & super glued the knot & then again on the knot that went through the hole punched in the card.
  3. I love that you are using a pencil case instead of sewing everything by scratch! I'm a novice sewer and I have no idea where to find that plastic on the front and really wanted to make these for my kids... you just solved my problem! Thanks for the tutorial, I'm bookmarking this :)
  4. WOW! What a darling blog! I just thought I'd let you know that I recognized the darling I spy bag right away from seeing them on "a girl and a glue gun" blog. - I think that is the link that takes you directly there.

    Thank you for your wonderful ideas! I can't wait to follow! :)
  5. I just found your site through another (The Grey Seeker) because I am trying to find ways to help calm my 5 yr old with anger issues. This might be fun for all and I thought, I could use a plastic mayonnaise jar to make one for home quiet time. I like to have multiples of things due to always being on the go and having 3 kids. Thanks so much for your blog! I'll be checking out more.
  6. Thank you for making it so simple I was too was looking for a way to make an I spy bag and most of the suggestion included all these supplies and steps then I stumbled upon your lovely blog. You have made one thing in my life much easier to execute. This is something a working mom with a full-time job and therapy services for her child can do in little to no time. I love this and will be making one for my daughter tomorrow. No sewing machine required!! Yay!!!! You definitely have a new subscriber. :)

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