Camping Packing Checklist


I love camping in the summer! Many times I just throw things in my duffle bag and I always forget at least something (I’m famous for leaving the matches). This last camping trip I made a packing list and I didn’t forget a thing! This list is kid friendly but you don’t have to have kids to use it. ┬áHope it helps you!


__ Backpack

__ Bandanna

__ Camping chairs

__ Glasses or contact lenses

__ Sunglasses

__ Clothing

__ Hiking boots or closed toe shoes

__ Hat

__ Gloves

__ Jacket

__ Wool socks

__ Swimming suit

__ Long sleeved shirt

__ Rain jacket or rain poncho

__ Long pants

__ Shorts

__ T-shirt

__ Warm hat

__ Flashlights

__ Extra batteries

__ Camera

__ Cell phone (just in case of an emergency)

__ Large water container

__ Smaller containers for drinking

__ Newspaper (or anything to help start a fire)

__ Lighter or matches

__ Rope or string

__ Sleeping bag

__ Chopped wood or coal

__ Axe

__ Sleeping pads

__ Video camera


Kids Stuff

__ Diapers

__ Wipes

__ Children’s Tylenol and other medication

__ Coloring books and crayons

__ Sand toys

__ Extra clothes

__ Extra pajamas


Cooking Items

__ Paper plates

__ Paper cups

__ Eating utensils

__ Food

__ Aluminum foil

__ Roasting sticks

__ Garbage bags

__ Paper towels

__ Health and beauty

__ First aid kit, including gas relief tablets, antacid, antidiarhheal medicine, antihistamine for allergies, bandages and pain reliever.

__ Comb or brush

__ Toothpaste

__ Tooth brush

__ Deodorant

__ Floss

__ Bug repellent

__ Lip Balm

__ Personal hygiene items

__ Contact solution

__ Shampoo and conditioner

__ Lotion

__ Sunscreen

__ Toilet paper

__ Antibacterial wipes

__ Hand sanitizer


__ Healthy snacks

__ Cash/credit cards

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Hope you have a wonderful camping trip!



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  1. For our kids, I love packing along magnifying glasses, bug containers, nets, and other outdoor type play gear that will help them interact as much with their surroundings as possible. Nature journals, dart guns and watercolor paints for campsite target practice, and tractors/trucks to play with are great too. Oh, and a few books for a quiet rest time in the hammock or tent in the afternoon.

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