1. Karen - Quilts...etc. says:
    great idea!
  2. Eric Pepple says:
    what a fun idea! I bet this would be a lot of fun with little kids, I bet they would answer with some interesting responses.

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow
  3. Rachel Emma Schutz says:
    Thank you for doing this! Sometimes at night both my boyfriend and I are so tired the conversation can get dull. This will definately help us out.

  4. Jennifer says:
    fun! thanks for posting!
  5. Nathan Johnson says:
    Great list. I always have trouble knowing what topics to begin conversations with. It was so bad I decided to do something about it and put all my topic questions online. That way the next time I was stuck I could quickly pull out my phone and have some interesting questions at my fingertips. If you are interested the site site is here: http://deepconversationtopics.com/ thanks... keep up the good work
  6. Shari - Family and Consumer Science Teacher says:
    THANK YOU!! I am teaching Family Development for the first time and I knew that I wanted to incorporate a family dinner into my curriculum. With the help of a friend, students will prepare a simple pizza and a beverage. They will set the table and sit down in groups of 7 - 8. I wanted very much to have "tents" with conversation starters and when I searched online your site was the first one that came up. The list of conversation starters is PERFECT. Thank you for helping me with this project.
  7. Dr Wynand Goosen says:
    I think it is awesome that people are getting back into promoting this type of values. Big part of our problem in the world is that we no longer take time out to listen to each other.
  8. Teagan phelps says:
    I like these, but I think if you made a tenage one it would be more fitting for our family.
  9. Samathah says:
    Awesome thanks so much this defiantly gives us a subject to talk about during dinner
  10. Sylvia says:
    Thank you! It’s Fathers Day and we’ve reserved a local delicious restaurant. What will make this fun is that our kids and grandchildren all can answer these questions.
  11. Yvette Harvey says:
    I have been writing my sister in prison and this is a nice way to keep conversation going and topics to write about in detail. Made a copy she could pass out to the other girls either to write to their families or to play as a game all together. Thanks for the topics I really appreciate it

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