$5 Rain Gutter Race Track

This is hands down the best $5 we have ever spent. Jared picked up this 10 foot piece of rain gutter at Home Depot. We cut it in half long-ways so we had 2 open race tracks. It’s perfect for the kids Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and it keeps them entertained during those long, boring snow days or rainy summer days. We set them up everywhere- you can prop them up on the sofa, on the stairs, on a kitchen chair . . . just anything to give them a little incline. And sometimes we put the two tracks together and make one HUGE 20 foot track.
Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you. And not only does it keep your kids entertained, but also your husbands. 🙂
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5 Responses to “$5 Rain Gutter Race Track”

  1. Oh this is so cool! Thanks for linking it up to my Summer Fun party. I bet my kids would love it. My son has a ton of matchbox cars so I can only imagine the fun he'll have sending them down the track.

    What did you use to cut the gutter?

    Laura @ Come Together Kids

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