Chicken Enchilada Lasagna Recipe


I love enchiladas, but sometimes the task of rolling each enchilada seems too time-consuming (especially on busy nights)! This recipe has all the flavor and ingredients of enchiladas, but without all the hard work of rolling them up! You just layer all the ingredients (just like a lasagna!), throw it in the oven, and dinner is done! This recipe is flavorful [...]

No-Bake Thin Mint Cookie Truffles Recipe

Join us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest recipes and projects! Well, I am happy to announce that I found a Girl Scout in my area and my Girl Scout Cookie order is in! Now the waiting game begins . . . In the meantime, I whipped up a batch of these yummy truffles. Remember our Oreo Truffles? These are just like those, but made with [...]

Healthy Meals Monday: Light Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

One of my favorite foods is Chicken Pot Pie - Marie Calendar's freezer pies are my favorite (but not very healthy . . . bummer)! My family loved this lightened up version and I didn't feel one bit guilty about eating it! Print Healthy Meals Monday: Light Chicken Pot Pie Author: Six Sisters Stuff Prep time:  20 mins Cook time:  [...]

Valentine Heart Craft with The Letter 4 Sisters!


It has been so fun for us to meet families that are made up of all girls, just like us. It's even more fun when they are all sisters AND they blog! We are so happy to introduce you to our friends and blogging sisters: The Letter 4!Hey there Six Sisters Stuff readers! We're excited as ants on a cracker to introduce ourselves here today! We are The [...]

Mini Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza Recipe


Pin It We LOVE pizza at our house . . . including yummy fruit pizza! Our mom has been making this treat for us since we were little and we think that this recipe is the best! Take our mom's famous sugar cookie recipe, add a sweet cream cheese layer and top it off fresh fruit- this counts as healthy food, right?! These are so easy and fun to make, plus [...]

Strut Your Stuff Saturday Link Party- Week 29


Thank you so much for linking up to our party!  We had so many of you link up last week and we have loved looking through all your recent projects, recipes and ideas! Here are our favorites from last week: I love this Cookie Bouquet from It's Overflowing!  This would be such a cute gift to give this Valentine's Day! I'm literally drooling over [...]

Fresh Food Friday: 50 Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes

50 Valentines

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays because it means that spring is right around the corner! Plus, this blessed holiday combines two of my favorite things: the color red and chocolate. It's a good day. :) Here are some amazing Valentine recipes that you are going to have to try this year- they all look delicious! Valentine [...]

Baked Crispy Coconut Chicken


Join us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest recipes and projects!We eat a lot of chicken around here so I thought this would be a delicious addition to our usual menu.  It was so easy to throw together and my family devoured it!  My husband said it tasted like it was from a restaurant!  The dipping sauce is divine! Pin It Print Baked Crispy [...]

50 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas!


Join us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest recipes and projects! Pin It I never knew how difficult it would be to go on dates with my husband once we had a kid! We are lucky to get in a date every month or two! We decided that we would try to have a date night at least twice a month. Since it can be hard to find a sitter, I decided to compile a [...]

Giveaway from TLC Creations (and WordWhipped winner!)


This week's giveaway is sponsored by TLC Creations. Besides running a successful Etsy store, Mindie is the genius behind the blog Bacon Time.   TLC Creations has so many fun jewelry pieces at amazing and affordable prices! Here is just a small preview:  A photo charm necklace . . . $12.99  Bird cage necklace . . . $4.29 (I love this [...]

Banana Bread Pancakes Recipe with Vanilla Maple Glaze


 Join us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest recipes and projects! My husband loves a home cooked breakfast.  After seeing a bunch of brown bananas on my counter, I decided to give this recipe a whirl!  These were so delicious and you get the scrumptious taste of banana bread without all the work! Pin It Print Banana Bread Pancakes Recipe [...]

Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken Recipe

slow cooker Honey sesame chicken

  Need a quick, easy, and delicious slow cooker meal? Well, look no further! We had this for dinner the other night and it instantly became a family favorite. I thought that the honey would make it super sweet, but it was the perfect amount of sweetness and flavor. It was a big hit with our kids and so easy to throw together- a winning [...]

Valentine M&M Samoa Blondies Recipe

M&M Samoa Blondies

Join us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest recipes and projects! Pin It It's Girl Scout Cookie time- one of the best times of the year! I am on the hunt for a girl scout in my area . . . and until I find her, I have been making recipes like this one and our Samoa Brownies to tide me over. These blondies are so rich and brown sugar-y . . . and with [...]

101 Fun, Easy, and Cheap Indoor Activities for Kids


 Join us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest recipes and projects!   There is a common saying at my house right now and it is the dreaded words of - "I'm bored." When the freezing temperatures come we usually stay inside, and there is more TV than I would like. So I decided to make a 101 activity list of things to do with my kids. I had a couple [...]

Healthy Meals Monday: Tomato, Basil, and Cheese Sandwich

summer 11

Pin It I love tomato and cheese sandwiches and this is a new twist on an old combo that you have to try! Ingredients Whole Wheat Ciabatta Deli Roll 2-4 low fat slices mozzarella cheese, enough to cover your roll 1 tomato, sliced 3 fresh basil leaves 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar (mix oil and vinegar [...]

Super Bowl Snack: Snickers Popcorn Recipe


Our family loves gooey treats and this Snickers popcorn didn't disappoint! This would be the perfect snack to munch on while watching a movie or the Super Bowl. It makes enough to feed a big crowd and it easily doubles to make even more!! Print Super Bowl Snack: Snickers Popcorn Recipe Author: Six Sisters Stuff Recipe type: Dessert [...]

Strut Your Stuff Saturday Link Party- Week 28


Happy Weekend! We love the weekends . . . and we love the chance to see what all of you have been up to! Here are some highlights from last week:  This Valentine's rose wreath from Thrifty Decorating is so cute! Who would ever guess that it's made from tissue paper?!  By now I am sure you have come to realize my love affair with all things [...]