The Best Husband Christmas Gift Guide

I know I’m not the only one who struggles finding good gifts for their husband, their dad, their father-in-law, or their brother. Starting November 1st I feel like I’m constantly looking for ideas to make sure he has a great Christmas.

I can’t ever seem to find a gift guide that includes presents my husband would actually like, and that are in my price range. I finally decided I needed to make my own!

I asked my sisters, my mom, my friends, and anyone else I knew shopping for a man in their lives and gathered some real ideas that most men would love! To make it easier I’ve split these gifts up into two categories, under $50 and over $50.

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Christmas Gifts for Men Under Fifty Dollars:

  1. Yard Games: These can be so fun for the man who likes to camp, barbecue, or hit the beach. There are so many options now! Some are definitely over $50, but you can find some great ones for very reasonable prices. Here are a few that we have loved: Spike Ball (or Slam Ball for a cheaper option!), Yardzee, Ladder Toss, or Viking Bowling.
  2. Basic Tool Set: Most men have some tools, but usually they are stored away in the garage. My husband has loved this smaller toolbox to keep in the house or in the closet for when we need something done quick. I’ve pulled these out a surprising amount too! Plus maybe you can convince your husband to finally get a few projects done around the house when he has new tools to do it with.
  3. AirPod Case: These AirPod cases are awesome! They have a hook to clip right onto a belt loop (is that still cool?) or onto any bag. Makes keeping track of them much easier!
  4. Bluetooth Speaker: I shared this bluetooth speaker on our Instagram stories a few weeks back and got a crazy good response! It’s under $30 and has almost 40k reviews!
  5. Portable Electric Grill: This grill is currently on SALE for $23.99 (originally $50). My husband loves grilling in all seasons and this lets him grill indoors, on camping trips, or just about anywhere he wants. A great option for your barbecue loving man!
  6. Car Detailing: Getting your car detailed can get super pricey! Groupon is a great option if you want to get it done professionally, but this car detailing vacuum is a great price. With the vacuum and a few products, offer to detail his car yourself! I’m considering asking for this gift myself to be honest.
  7. Weight Bench: Whether your husband is into working out, or wanting to get into working out, a weight bench is a great place to start for a cheap home gym. Here’s a link to some inexpensive weights too!
  8. Barbecue Rubs: These have been so fun for my grilling and smoking meat loving husband! And fun for me because I rarely have to cook dinner these days!

Christmas Gifts For Men Over Fifty Dollars:

  1. Butcher Box: ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free range organic chicken, heritage breed pork, and wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon , directly to your door and shipping is always free. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, for the whole family!
  2. Record Player: These record players are so fun! They range anywhere from $30-$200, so they can work with any budget. You can find some classic records on EBay and at thrift stores. It’s turned into a super fun hobby for my husband and I love playing some of the Christmas classics while I clean the house haha.
  3. Team Jersey or “Swag”: Gifts from your man’s favorite team can get expensive! If you haven’t looked at a department store for his favorite team’s gear, it’s a great way to save some money. Macy’s has some great options both online and in store!
  4. Couples Massage: This may seem like an odd gift, but my husband is STILL talking about the couples massage I talked him into over two years ago. It’s a fun date night, a great way to relax, and a gift for yourself too. Groupon has tons of options and is perfect if you’re looking for a deal!
  5. Golf Clubs or Gear: If you’re shopping for a golfer, definitely check out the clearance section of their favorite golf store! Callaway has some awesome deals on clubs, shoes, and accessories. Options both over and under $50.

What are you getting the men in your life for Christmas? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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