Mini Hamburger Cookies

It is the last week for school for us and we are celebrating by making or doing something fun everyday to celebrate the upcoming SUMMER! Yesterday we made cookie hamburgers and girls loved putting them together. Here is what I did-
Mini Hamburger Cookies
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  • Vanilla Wafers (for the buns)
  • Thin Mint Cookies (for the burger)
  • 1 cup Coconut (for the lettuce)
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Red Frosting (for the ketchup)
  • Yellow Frosting (for the mustard)


  1. Take your cup of coconut and put it in a plastic bag with 2 or 3 drops of green food coloring. Shake until desired color. Add more drops for a darker color.
  2. Next take two vanilla wafers and put a blob of yellow frosting on one and a blob of red on the other wafer.
  3. On one wafer put a Thin Mint Cookie and the other put your coconut.
  4. Put a little more frosting on the thin mint cookie and stick it all together.
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19 Responses to “Mini Hamburger Cookies”

  1. For lettuce and the other condiments I use airheads candy and cut or use a cookie cutter to get my tomato, lettuce, onion and cheese. I made a hamburger cake for the Wendy's restaurant founders dayand that's what I came up with and everyone loved it!! Hope that helps Rapunzel. And. To Six Sisters, awesome job on these cookie burgers they are so cute.
  2. We've been making these since our teenagers were little with a few differences. My kids don't like coconut. We made them to look like cheeseburgers. A little Karo Syrup on top with sesame seeds, orange frosting for the cheese, Keebler grasshopper cookie and then green icing for the lettuce. Always a big hit!

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