25 Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

I don’t have any boys so I went to the experts themselves… Mother’s of Boys! They helped me create a list of 25 Birthday Themes and Ideas for boys of all ages.
21. BUGS

25. Obstacle CourseThere is also a Birthday Party list for girls – click here if you would like to view it!

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28 Responses to “25 Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Boys”

  1. I'm the biggest reluctant entertainer ever...I've never thrown my kids a birthday party. We hardly know anyone with kids and our family doesn't live nearby so we spend the money of a party on them.

    We take them to do whatever they choose...first to dinner of their choice and then a family activity like bowling, movies, laser tag, etc. plus the one gift they really want.
  2. All these ideas seem amusing and unique but, if I have to choose, I?d pick the mud run party. Birthday cakes and tasty food are expected when it comes to birthday parties, and I think it would be nice to add a little twist sometimes. For me, this mud run theme will be very exciting, not just for our little boys, but also for the teens and adults attending the party.

    Nita Digirolamo
  3. Hi ! You have a wonderful site. I just added you to my blogs and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sealed-With-My-Love/417329595008236 - (Please visit) with Birthday Ideas.

    Looking forward to visiting your page often !

    • What a fun birthday 12/13/14 and turning 15! Time for a big celebration. Do a Google search and type in "gift ideas for teen boys". There were some fun ideas on amazon and also top 100 teenage boy gifts- best gifts of 2014. Check those out and have fun celebrating!

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