Preschool Lesson Themes for 34 Weeks for a Small Group

I have a 3 year old who wants to grow up so fast. She has been talking about preschool for over a year now. So a group of 5 Moms and myself got together to make a schedule for our own preschool. Here is what we came up with!


Preschool Lesson Plans for 34 Weeks for a Small Group

We had are planning on meeting twice a week. Tues and Thursday at 9:30 to 11:30


Every week there will be a theme or topic and a number or letter


We will have school for 34 weeks with all the breaks that the public schools have.


Each Mom had an assignment to finish before school starts. The projects were:

A Monthly Calendar

A Welcome Sign-in (the kids can open a small window and find their picture in there)

A Weather Chart

Singing Time: 2 Mom’s made puppets, or something to hold for when the kids sing songs (for example: I make 5 little paper monkeys and put them on Popsicle sticks)


Schedule for the Preschool Day:

Welcome with the calendar, sign in, weather chart, and songs – 15 Minutes
Work on Letter/Number of the Week: 5 -10 minutes
Story Time: 5-10 minutes
Busy Time: Wiggles and Movements, I like to yell out an animal and have them move like the animal: 5 to 10 minutes
Snack: 10-15 minutes
Activity: Talk about the Theme and have some sort of craft or do an activity with the theme 20-25 minutes
Play Time: The rest of the time
Clean Up: 5 minutes before it ends have all the kids clean up


Here is our monthly schedule with Themes and Numbers/Letters


Week 1: About You Week, Number 1
Week 2: Harvest, Number 2
Week 3: Nature, Nature Hike Number 3
Week 4: Shapes -circle,squares, and triangles, Number 4


Week 1: Seasons, Number 5
Week 2: Manners, Number 6
Week 3: Leaves, Number 7
Week 4: Halloween, shapes, Number 8
Week 5: Pumpkins, Halloween Party, Number 9



Week 1: Opposites, Number 10
Week 2: Pilgrims and Indians, Letter A
Week 4: Music, Letter B



Week 1: Christmas Food, Bakery, Letter C
Week 2: Service, Sharing, Letter D
Week 3: Jesus’ Birth, Letter E



Week 2: Snowflake, Snowman, Letter F
Week 3: Senses, Sight and Hearing, Letter G
Week 4: Senses, Touch, Smell, Taste, Letter H
Week 5: Body Parts, Letter I



Week 1: Hearts, Love, Letter J
Week 2: Post Office, Valentines Party, Letter K
Week 3: Transportation(cars, boats, trains, etc), Letter L
Week 4: Jungle Animals,  Letter M



Week 1: Ocean Animals, Zoo Letter N
Week 2: Insects, Letter O
Week 3: First Name and Last Name, Letter P
Week 4: Exercise, Hop, Skip, Jump, Letter Q



Week 1: Princess/Pirate Week, Fairy Tales, Letter R
Week 2: Safety, Firestation, Letter S
Week 3: Dentist, Doctor, Jobs, Letter T
Week 4: Pets, Letters U, V



Week 1: Mother’s, Family, Letters W,X
Week 2: Sun, Moon and Stars, Planets, Letters Y, Z
Week 3: Beach (swimming party), graduation



We decided to do something special on Birthdays. Each child is to bring a poster explaining things that they love or pictures of their family. They also get to wear a Birthday Crown and get to bring a special snack to share with everyone.


Field Trips

Each Mom is also in charge of organizing a field trip. The ones we chose are:

Going on a Nature Hike
Going to the Firestation
Going to the Bakery
Going to the Post Office
Going to the City Zoo


We are so excited to get things going! (And my Daughter is stoked!)



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16 Responses to “Preschool Lesson Themes for 34 Weeks for a Small Group”

  1. Christine @
    This is such a fun idea! I'm doing the same thing with a group of moms here, and my son can't wait to participate. We came up with a lot of the same themes as you. Some field trips that we planned that are different from yours are we'll be going to the Natural History Museum to learn about dinosaurs, the pumpkin patch in October, to a pizza restaurant where they will show us how they hand-toss the pizzas and the kids get to make their own, and in December to celebrate Christmas, we'll be taking the kids to a nursing home where we'll sing Christmas carols and share cookies. I did this group with my daughter and loved these fun preschool traditions, so I just wanted to share.
  2. Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids
    Love these ideas - thanks for sharing! I was looking for something to do with my toddler this fall to help improve his speech development and I think incorporating something similar to this to our morning routine will do just that!
  3. Huh you are so brave ! I have 3 children (3, 2 and 1 yo) and my oldest is going to school in two weeks (in France), i am SO GRATEFUL ! I don't know where you can find time for preschooling your children, cause i hardly can. And before, i was... a preschool teacher LOL You are my hero !
  4. K's Mom
    Your plan is awesome and looks great. Although you're probably a bit more organized than me, I tried something similar for 4 years, but it was a lot of hard work, time, and energy (something I had little of as a mother of two prechoolers) and I needed a different plan. I was so grateful when I discovered the Mother Goose Time curriculum. We've been using MGT for our small preschool group the last couple of months and starting with the fun activities to the relevant themes and easy set up, my list of good things to say about MGT goes on and on. Feel free to check out our experiences with it on
  5. Your program looks great! I would also include 10 or 15 minutes of language/ articulation activities. Sometimes parents may not notice a language delay or articulation issue. Early intervention is a huge benefit to these little ones. I work with 3,4,5 year old children with speech and language issues. I have seen kids test out of our program because of great progress. Will you keep us posted about how it goes?
  6. Becky J
    Did this with both of my kids. It was great! Just something that we did to throw out there: When it was your day, you picked up all of the kids at their homes, and took them home after. Makes it easier for the Mom's with other kids at home, they don't have to load the whole family in the car twice a day to drop off and pick up. (really nice in the winter) Less time interruption for the Mom's at home, they aren't watching the clock so much to go pick their child up. But it is SO much better for the Mom who is teaching that day. Everyone is there ready to start at the same time. No late stragglers coming in 10 min late and interrupting everything. Was easier on the ones with a little separation anxiety, because once they were in the car with the other kids they were usually fine by the time you got them to your house. No clinging to Mom at drop off and begging her to stay. When you are finished you take them all home and don't have to wait a half hour for the Mom who is always late picking their child up. You also don't have a street full of Mom's with their cars idling for 10 minutes waiting to pick their child up. I didn't really like the idea when it was suggested for our group, but it really worked out great. Made it run so much smoother. We also did both days of the week when it was your turn. It was easier on some of the kids to not be in a different setting every time. You could also reinforce the previous lesson, new songs, etc. A little more planning to do two days, but then you didn't have to worry about another turn for 6 weeks. Or dropping of and picking up you own child for 6 weeks. Good luck to your group. I hope you have as much fun as we did!
  7. Alice @ Mums Make Lists
    I love this idea Kristen. Way back in the 70s .. when I was small, yikes! ... we had an amazing pre-school play group movement in the UK that was totally made up of playgroups started and run by mums. Unfortunately has run out of steam a bit with so many mums now working.

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