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One thing that is so important to me is teaching my kids how to serve and how to do it with a smile. I feel that if you can teach your children at a young age about the importance of serving others, it’s something that they will do for the rest of their lives.

My amazing friend Mique from 30 Handmade Days has come out with a new book that makes teaching my kids how to look for ways to serve others and share happiness so easy. Make and Share Random Acts of Kindness is loaded with easy handmade crafts, treats, and inspirations make kindness not only simple, but so fun! And the best part is . . . she has included all the darling printables, tags, cards, and cut-outs in the book so that you can easily use them and feel like a crafty super-star. 🙂

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One of my favorite ideas in the book is a family service scavenger hunt. I like to find fun activities that my family can do together, which can be challenge with the different ages in our family. However, this was something that the whole family got involved in and loved!

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Mique included a darling tear-out page in the book with all the ideas that your family needs to do this scavenger hunt. You simply tear out the sheet, then head to your neighbors house. Let them know that you are looking for a way to serve them and present them with the list of options for them to choose from for how your family can help out. Once you’re finished with the job, cross off the item they choose and move to the next house!

family service scavenger hunt

Some other ideas that you could add to the list:
-Iron a dress shirt
-Listen while someone tells you about their day
-Wipe off a table
-Wipe off kitchen cupboard doors
-Clean/disinfect all the doorknobs in the house
-Sweep the porch
-Read a book to a child
-Wipe down the fridge and stove
-Put away toys
-Bring in garbage from the road
-Get someone’s mail

The possibilities are endless – you can even have your kids help you come up with some ideas!

This cute ideas is only one of 50 easy ways that you can serve others and share random acts of kindness with both friends and strangers. From making blessing bags for the homeless to taking a treat to your local firemen and policemen, plus little ideas of ways to brighten anyone’s day, this book makes spreading joy so simple. And each act of kindness makes the world an even better place! 🙂

You can check out Make and Share Random Acts of Kindness Book HERE.

Family Service Scavenger Hunt from SixSistersStuff





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