10 Fun Facts about Pirates of the Caribbean

We visited Disneyland and DisneyWorld when we were young.  One of our all time favorite rides is Pirates of the Caribbean.  We would often get off the ride and run back around and get in line to immediately ride it again.  We have been doing a lot catching up on our Pirates of the Caribbean Trivia and you will love some of the fun facts we are going to share with you!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean was the last ride that Walt Disney personally oversaw.  The ride in Disneyland opened 3 months after he passed away.

2. The grand opening of Pirates in Disneyland was on March 18, 1967.  Pirates in Disney World opened in December 1973.

3. Pirates was originally going to be a wax museum. The initial plan was to create a walk-through wax museum where guests could get up close and personal with villains throughout history, though the focus was eventually narrowed to pirates. When Disney’s It?s a Small World and Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln animatronics were hugely successful at the 1964 World’s Fair, elements of each were incorporated into the ride and the museum idea was scrapped.

4. There is a 2nd floor apartment above Pirates in Disneyland. The space above Pirates was intended to be a 3000 square foot apartment for Walt and Roy Disney to use for entertaining or relaxing when they were in the park. Walt died before it was completed, and Roy decided afterward that he didn?t want to use it. The space was used for entertaining VIPs for many years, then operated as an art gallery. These days, it?s home to the “Disneyland Dream Suite”, a tricked-out apartment where guests occasionally get to stay.

5. Look for the Shooting Star! When you first take off on the Pirates ride in Disneyland, you float by the Blue Bayou.  Look up at the sky for about 15 seconds and you will see a shooting star streak by.

6. The pirate characters in the ride resemble their creators. The creators were known for their inside jokes and modeled some of the pirate faces (particularly the mischievous ones) after themselves.

7. Did you know the length of the Pirates ride in Disneyland is 14 minutes and 30 seconds. In Disney World the ride lasts 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

8. Unseen Cannon Balls in the fighting scene across the lagoon are really not cannon balls hitting the water.  It’s done with an air cannon.  It’s compressed air under the water.

9. Listen for the singing dog! In the village scene where the pirate trio is singing accompanied by the accordion, listen carefully for the dog that is “singing” with them.

10.  We saved the best for last!!  “The Great Skull Debate” For many years, it?s been rumored that the ride contains a real skull amongst the many fake ones. Disney Parks has never confirmed this, but some cast members have.  Some even say it was a gift given to Walt Disney for the ride.  The debate will carry on for years to come.  And if you are wondering where this skull is located – It’s the skull on the headboard in the Captains Quarters right above the bed!

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