Spring Flower Topiary Tutorial


  I have been seeing these cute rosette flowers all over the blog world and I knew that I wanted to do something with them . . . then I saw this tutorial and I thought that little flower ball would be so cute as a topiary . . . and these 3 little babies were born. :) I started by making my flower balls. I used 3 of the same sized styrofoam [...]

Delicious Soft Sugar Cookies


Camille gave me this recipe after I was first married.  She combined Mom's sugar cookie recipe with her in-laws recipe and came up with this! It is so good and they are my favorite because they are so soft and aren't dry at all! 1/4 c. milk 1 tsp. baking soda 4 c. flour 1 tsp. baking powder 1 stick butter 1/2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. vanilla 1/2 c. [...]

Baby Bear Beanie


While we have been plagued with sickness at our house I took to some crocheting!  I learned to crochet in 6th grade.  They only taught us how to crochet a scarf which is about as basic as it gets because you just make long straight lines.  I read online how to crochet again and, after a little refresher, was good to go!  It really is so easy and I know any [...]

Baking Soda Face Mask

So due to the fact that I stress out about stuff easily, or I've eaten a lot of junk lately, I have had bad acne!  I have tried everything and nothing is working.  I even watched a Proactiv commercial where they talked about the refining mask, went online and bought it, tried it, and let me tell you.... Katy Perry lied when she said your zits would just [...]

Easy Easter Egg Wreath


I saw a wreath similar to this in a Family Circle magazine, but they had used origami paper . . . I have seen a couple of people using fabric and Mod Podge to decorate Easter Eggs, so I thought that I could give this a try. So- here is what you need: -12 Easter eggs (I bought a pack of 18 of them for $1 at Dollar Tree) -Fabric to cover your eggs (I used [...]

Ranch Chicken Recipe

Ranch Chicken Recipe

This recipe is one of our family favorites.  When our mom made this chicken for us growing up, there were never any leftovers!  It is so easy to make and tastes amazing! Ranch Chicken Recipe: Ingredients: 1 cup corn flakes, finely crushed 3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1 packet ranch dressing mix 8 boneless chicken breasts, cut in half 1/2 cup [...]

Creamy Chicken Chili

Creamy Chicken Chili on SixSistersStuff.com

Sometimes Jared is picky about having soup for dinner, but he really liked this one because it is thick and has a little kick to it! It is easy to make and very delicious . . . serve it with our 30 Minute Rolls and you have a homemade delicious meal that's ready in no time! Print Creamy White Chicken Chili Recipe type: Soup Prep [...]

Creamy Chicken Chili Recipe


  I found another great recipe at Tried and Tasty. Sometimes Jared is picky about having soup for dinner, but he really liked this one because it is thick and has a little kick to it! It is easy to make and very delicious . . . Creamy Chicken Chili Ingredients: 1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into 1/2 in. cubes 1 medium onion, [...]

Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake


I found this recipe at Our Best Bites and made it for my mother-in-laws birthday!  It was pretty rich, but SO good!!! I was surprised how easy it was to make!  We'll definitely be making this again! Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake Recipe by Our Best Bites 1 package Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cake 1 recipe (give or take a little) Chocolate [...]

Easy Yogurt and Fruit Salad


This is my go-to dish when I need a quick side dish for dinner! 1 (8 oz) container of Cool-Whip (light or fat free is fine!) 2 (6 oz) containers of yogurt- whatever flavor you want (we love strawberry) 1/2 package of mini marshmallows Fresh, frozen, or canned fruit that compliments your yogurt flavor Dump your yogurt into a bowl. Fold in the container [...]

Slow Cooker Kalua Pork Roast Recipe

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.09.17 AM

This is seriously one of the EASIEST recipes to make and it tastes AMAZING! My husband and I attended a luau where they served this for dinner- we asked for the recipe and have made it at least a dozen times since! Slow Cooker Kalua Pork Roast Recipe: (Makes 6-8 servings) Ingredients: 1 (2-4 pound) pork shoulder or butt roast, fat trimmed 1 [...]

Easy Fabric Velcro Pouches


I decided I needed a few things to contain all the stuff I'm putting in Cam's church bag, so I found a tutorial for a diaper clutch and decided that would work!  I followed the instructions and didn't have too many problems.  The big one was the first one I did and I messed up on the flap part so it isn't totally symmetrical, but luckily it will just be [...]

Homemade Church Bag


So after seeing all of this stuff Camille has posted and how naughty Cam was at church on Sunday, I've decided Camden needs a fun church bag!  I found a tutorial here and it was so easy!  It took less than an hour!  I also added some lined pockets on the inside.  Now Cam has his own special bag! I weighed this old church/diaper bag [...]

Finished my necklace!


About 2 months ago I decided that I wanted to make this necklace . . . and I finally did it (with Steph's help! Love ya Steph!)! I changed it up a little bit . . . used bigger beads and less of them, tied a knot instead of a bow, and only added one small flower.   I found this website about a week ago and it had a couple different versions that people [...]

My Church Bag Ideas


Here is what I keep in my church bag . . . keep in mind that it is for an almost 2 year old boy and almost 4 year old girl. The first thing is this cute wooden bear puzzle . . . I saw another family playing with it at church and came home that afternoon and googled it. :) Anyway, here is one on Amazon- they make both a girl one and a boy one and it comes [...]

Magnet Boards on the Go


I don't know about you, but my kids LOVE magnets. They are constantly rearranging the magnets on the fridge and fighting over who gets to play with which magnet. One day when I was at Dollar Tree, I saw that they had mini cookie sheet pans and I started thinking about how that little pan could totally fit in my "Church Bag" (a.k.a. the bag filled with random [...]

Birthday Tradition Ideas

Even though my kids are young, I still want to start some fun traditions with them that we will do every year. My friend was telling me about how they celebrate their children's HALF-birthdays- with half of a cake. :) I thought it was cute. They get to blow out candles and still get sung to, which Brynlee would LOVE. So then I started thinking about other [...]