Summer Water Blob




I really love summer! My girls and I are trying to fit in as much as we can before school starts! My cute friend made a list and we are working together to accomplish everything on it before summer ends! Last week we made a Giant Summer Water Blob and the kids loved it!

Things You Need:

Plastic Sheeting (we used a 10? x 25? sheet that was .4ml thick) You can find it at Lowes or any other hardware store.

Duct Tape (We got blue tape just for the kids!)


blob 1

Spread out the tarp, then fold it in half.

Blob 3

Fold the edges in twice and tape it.

Blob 4

We folded and taped about 6 inches at a time.

Blob 5

Leave a small hole for your hose in a corner after you have taped all three sides.

Blob 6

Start filling up the blob! It will take awhile. It took ours about 30 minutes to fill up.
Make sure your blob is on flat ground!

Blob 7

Start playing!!!

Blob 8

Other Tips:
Our Blob only lasted about 20 minutes before it started getting holes in it from little hands and feet. If I were to make it again I would get thicker plastic.

The tape on the sides held up really well. We had no problems!

I would try and tape the holes as they would come, but pretty soon I just let them go at it.  It turned into a wet water blob and they kids loved it even more!

Hope you have fun with the rest of the summer!

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