Giant Kids Growth Chart Ruler

Some cute girls in my ward told me about these rulers they were going to make to measure their kids through the years.  I thought this was an awesome idea since we will be going to school for a few more years and moving a lot, so we couldn’t mark it on a wall!  I found one that Pottery Barn Kids had made and tried to make mine similar….except for A LOT cheaper!

Somebody is getting so big!!


This was the Pottery Barn Kids one that was $58
And here is how I made mine:
This wood is about 10″ x 72″  and I got it at Home Depot for $8.44!  Not bad!
I used a “natural” shade of stain and stained the wood.  The stain was $4.50 at WalMart.
Then I used a measuring tape to mark every inch so I knew where I would want lines painted.
I decided to make some stencils of short and long lines I wanted on my ruler and that was a HORRIBLE idea! Don’t do that!  The paint seeps through!
So my cute husband told me to use masking tape and mark off where I wanted to paint.  I would do a line at every inch and would do two 2″ lines, then one 3″ line for the markings on my ruler.  Used a lot of tape!
Then I painted over the tape/lines with black acrylic paint
I peeled the tape off and luckily it worked! 🙂  What a relief!  Then I printed out some numbers onto some paper that has adhesive on the back, cut the numbers out and used the leftovers as a stencil.  I painted over those and took the sticker paper off.  I used distress ink on the edges and did one more coat of stain.

I started my lines 3 inches off so that I could always hang this 3 inches off the ground, rather than just propping it against the wall.  So now my ruler will measure up to 6’3″.  I’m trying to decide if I want to pin a picture up of the age they were at a certain height or if we should just write it on…. Any thoughts?!

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  1. Lu, good job!!! It turned out awesome! I love it. I think that I would do both- write the date and age and put a picture up. It's amazing how quickly you forget the little things as your kids grow up, even though you think that you will always remember. Also, what if Cam grows taller than 6'3"?? Hee hee! You never know!!

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