D.I.Y. Twine Vases

 I have been loving everything made with twine out there in the blog world, so I decided to try something myself!
 I went to my local thrift store and purchased 3 glass vases for $1 each and I already had a huge ball of twine (but if you don’t have any, I saw it for $5 at Wal-Mart).
 I started at the bottom and using my hot glue gun, I made a small dot as close to the bottom as I could. I stuck the end of the twine on my glue dot and then started wrapping it around.
 I probably made about 5 glue dots all around the bottom wrap, just because I wanted that one to stay put. Once I made it back to where I started, I made another glue dot and then continued wrapping . . .
 At this point, I only used a glue dot after wrapping it around at least once or twice. I wrapped it as tight as I could and tried to push the twine down as I went so that I wouldn’t have any gaps or holes . . .
 Just keep wrapping . . . just keep wrapping . . . (and gluing when needed!)
 Almost done!
 I did it! Once you get to the top, determine where you want to stop and cut the twine off. Glue it at the top . . .
 Like so . . .
 Ta-da! I made all three in less than one hour.
I added a simple twine bow on one of them and ended up liking it. If you wanted to add color, it might be cute to add a cute ribbon or fabric bow!


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  1. How cute are you gals?? I saw your little comment on our website & the title of your blog intrigued me! I had to check you gals out....and I am so impressed. What a fun bunch of sisters you are! We are so glad you found our website. Keep in touch! :) XOXO, Tara {The Dating Divas}
  2. Great idea. I bought some twine a while ago and haven't used it yet. I saw you over and the Tatertots and Jello link up! We have a blog with 5 sisters, so I was excited to see the title of your blog. Ours is called www.bitsofeverything.com Please check us out if you get a chance!

    Thanks, Emily (www.bitsofeverything_

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