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My Church Bag Ideas

Here is what I keep in my church bag . . . keep in mind that it is for an almost 2 year old boy and almost 4 year old girl. The first thing is this cute wooden bear puzzle . . . I saw another family playing with it at church and came home that afternoon and googled it. :) Anyway, here is one on Amazon- they make both a girl one and a boy one and it comes with like 18 different pieces to change in and out.

Tons and tons of finger puppets! I got some great ones at IKEA, some on eBay, and some mom picked up for me at that Barn Boutique. Anyway, these entertain everyone, including Dad. :)

Gel bugs/animals. I don’t know why my kids love these, but they are seriously the favorite church toy. I just got them at Wal-Mart- they are $1 for a pack of 10-12 little animals.

Chalkboards- they have TONS of these at Dollar Tree right now. You just need a baby wipe to wipe the chalk dust off the church bench. Ha ha!

La Di Dolls- I love these little flannel cut outs. We have one of the dolls and the little house, but here is a cute Noah’s Ark that would be great for a boy or girl!

Our killer Monster Puppets! Brynlee is just beginning to appreciate these!

Pez! Random, I know. I don’t even have the candy that goes in them- my kids just love to play with them. Dollar Tree always has funny ones.

Have you ever seen these? There used to be a show on Nick Jr called Oobi. The whole show was people’s hands with these eyes and Brynlee LOVED it. She thought it was hilarious. So, I found them on eBay and she keeps herself (and everyone around us) entertained with them. Here are some for really cheap . . .

We got a lot of them! :)

I keep everything in heavy duty zip lock bags, locked away in the closet so that they can’t play with these toys during the week- they are special for church. On Sunday morning, I grab a couple of bags and off we go! That way they get different toys every week.

A couple of other things that are staples in our bag:
-Pipe cleaners: Bryn loves to make letters/shapes with them. Throw in a bag of Froot Loops and she will string them on the pipe cleaner for almost half of sacrament meeting. :)
-Stickers: I buy a huge pack of stickers and just let the kids go crazy sticking them on papers (and for some reason they love to stick them on me!)
-Cars/Figurines: I always try to hit up the Dollar Store for little things we can take to church. I usually let Mason bring one or two Matchbox cars and I have found all the little Toy Story and Sesame Street figurines at my Dollar Tree store. Target also has a great dollar section and I have found a couple of little things there.

Well, there are my ideas! Please post yours soon! :)

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Homemade Church Bag

So after seeing all of this stuff Camille has posted and how naughty Cam was at church on Sunday, I’ve decided Camden needs a fun church bag!  I found a tutorial here and it was so easy!  It took less than an hour!  I also added some lined pockets on the inside.  Now Cam has his own special bag!

I weighed this old church/diaper bag on my scale and it is about 11 pounds.  I won’t be missing it…that’s why it is in black and white :)

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Magnet Boards on the Go

I don’t know about you, but my kids LOVE magnets. They are constantly rearranging the magnets on the fridge and fighting over who gets to play with which magnet. One day when I was at Dollar Tree, I saw that they had mini cookie sheet pans and I started thinking about how that little pan could totally fit in my “Church Bag” (a.k.a. the bag filled with random toys that will keep my kids quiet so that we don’t disrupt people around us at church). Then I started thinking about how I could stick magnets to it . . . and the rest is history.

I bought the pan and came home and started finding random clipart online . . . it was springtime when I made it, so I had Easter clipart with bunnies and eggs and then I started thinking about how I could use this as a learning tool so I printed off the entire alphabet and numbers, fruits and veggies, etc, etc. I printed them out, cut them out, laminated them, then purchased a roll of magnet strip and stuck a magnet on each little picture. It has been awesome. It keeps the kids entertained for at least 10-15 minutes, which is huge at church- that is like one whole speaker and a prayer! Ha ha! :) We have also taken this to the Dr.’s office and other places where they need to sit quietly. I know it’s random, but it works. I also add new little magnets every once in a while, to keep it fresh. Right now Bryn is really into princesses and Mason is into Toy Story 3, so I found tons of images online to use on their boards.
Anyway, that is my random church bag idea. I would LOVE more ideas of what to put in our church bag, so please share anything that you use to keep your kids quietly entertained! :)

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Free Paper Doll Printables! {Perfect Quiet Activity!}

I just have to share these because they are so dang cute! I was searching the web for something new to take to church tomorrow in our “Quiet Bag” and came across this darling blog with all these cute paper dolls! And best of all, they are FREE! You just print them out and are good to go! I am thinking that I am going to print them off on cardstock, laminate them, and then put a magnet on the back so that we can use them on our Magnet Boards.
 Click here for the Slumber Party Dolls
 Click here for the Fairy Tale Paper Dolls
 Click here for the Christmas Paper Dolls
 Click here for the Boy Halloween Paper Doll
 Click here for the Girl Halloween Paper Doll
Click here to Decorate a Christmas Tree
**So, these PDF files can be downloaded through Scrib’d. I can’t remember for sure, but I think that the first time you use it is free (it has been so long since the first time I used it that I can’t remember!). . . after that, I think that you have to pay to use it, either $5 a day or $9 a month to download these files . . . I still feel that it is a good deal, even if you just pay the $5 for one day. Or, if you don’t want to pay, you can upload a document of your own to share with the Scrib’d community. You can then print off as many files as you like (once you have paid or uploaded a document of your own). . . I am thinking that I might have to print off enough for my little girl and all my nieces . . .Linking up to these fun parties!
Tip  Junkie handmade projects

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DIY Lacing Cards

Do you remember lacing cards?! I had some sweet Barbie ones back in the late 80’s . . . and I loved them! I would spend hours “sewing” around my beautiful Barbie pictures. So when I came across these Melissa and Doug Lace and Trace cards, I had to have them! I knew that I could throw them in my purse or “Church Bag” and they would entertain the kids quietly for a little while.
I found mine at a local craft store (Ben Franklin Crafts), but you can also get them here on Amazon . . . they are about $5 (but if you buy them on Amazon, you will have to pay extra for shipping).
Even Mason is getting in on the sewing action!

After I purchased these, I was blog-hopping and found a couple of blogs that have tutorials on how to make your own lacing cards!!!
Dang! I wish that I would have thought about that before! So, I wanted to share my favorite D.I.Y. lacing card ideas . . .

Little Birdie Secrets


A Girl and a Glue Gun

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Easy Fabric Velcro Pouches

I decided I needed a few things to contain all the stuff I’m putting in Cam’s church bag, so I found a tutorial for a diaper clutch and decided that would work!  I followed the instructions and didn’t have too many problems.  The big one was the first one I did and I messed up on the flap part so it isn’t totally symmetrical, but luckily it will just be Camden and I looking at it!

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