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Fitness Ridge Resort Review and GIVEAWAY (Win a week there for yourself!)

Fitness Ridge Giveaway

  It’s funny where life leads you . . . A couple of years ago, I heard about Fitness Ridge in St. George, UT, but as a first-time mother living on a grad school budget, I knew it wasn’t something that was in the cards for me. Fast forward to today- three kids later, both husband and I working, and life only getting faster with each passing day. My husband and I were getting ready to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and discuss

10 Easy and Inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas


St. Patricks Day is just around the corner! We’ve compiled a list of some cute, inexpensive St. Patricks Day crafts you can do to make your house a little more festive! Pin It Free “Kiss Me I’m Irish” Printable and Treat Idea Free St. Patricks Day Lucky Subway Art Printable St. Patricks Day Rag Wreath St. Patricks Day Thrifty Hurricane Tutorial Wooden 2×4 Shamrock Tutori…

Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014 Living in a house with 7 girls, we always tried to make Father’s day a big deal for our dad. After all those years of settling fights over boys, clothes, and wiping away our tears (and now that he manages our entire company), we figured he needed something really good this year. And instead of  rushing last minute to find a gift, Mommerce has put together this awesome gift guide for us (and you!). Now y…

10 Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Desserts


I have always loved St. Patricks Day! Mostly because I knew our mom would be making some kind of delicious green dessert! Here are a few of our favorites! Thin Mint Cookie Truffles Lucky Leprechaun Cookie Bark Thin Mint Fudge Brownies St. Patricks Day Cupcakes St. Patricks Day Muddy Buddies Homemade Peppermint Patties Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls Leprechaun Cookie Bark Green Grasshopper Pie Oreo Stuffed Mint Chocolate Brownies

Six Sisters Strong – A 90 Day Health and Fitness Guide

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 11.38.49 PM

Join the Six Sisters Strong 90 Day Health and Fitness Program by clicking HERE! All six of us sisters have struggled at weight with some point in our lives.  We grew up playing sports and have always been pretty active, but now that we’re older we have realized we have less and less time to workout!  Between kids, school, work and social lives it can be so hard to find time to workout and can be pretty intimidating stepping into a gym wi…

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

14 Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

I know it is still a few weeks away, but Valentine’s Day always sneaks up on me!  We never spend a lot of money on occasions like this, but my husband is always so thoughtful!  This year I am ahead of the game with a few fun gifts for him! Here are 14 Valentine’s Day gifts for the man in your life: 1.  Leatherman Squirt Keychain. My husband has been dying for one of these!  It is small enough to go on a keychain, but comes with a…

St. Patrick’s Day Craft Tutorial from Wood Creations


…usly so many fun projects and crafts that you don’t know where to start. I think that I walked around the store for 30 minutes before finally deciding which craft to take home that day (okay, I will be honest- I think that I walked out of there with about 4 crafts). Here are some of my favorites:  I absolutely love their fun assortment- this is really just a small sample of what they have to offer. With St. Patricks Day right…

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