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25 of the Best You Tube Workout Videos

can do them at any time of the day or night and I can do them in the privacy of my own home (because let's be honest- I have no rhythm and don't exactly want to do these moves in public). However, I get so bored with a video once I have done it once or twice. I have tried Insanity and P90X, but I struggle sticking with the program because I get so tired of the same ol' stuff day after day. I have been playing around on You Tube and have been so...

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Fitness Ridge Resort Review and GIVEAWAY (Win a week there for yourself!)

Fitness Ridge Giveaway

  It's funny where life leads you . . . A couple of years ago, I heard about Fitness Ridge in St. George, UT, but as a first-time mother living on a grad school budget, I knew it wasn't something that was in the cards for me. Fast forward to today- three kids later, both husband and I working, and life only getting faster with each passing day. My husband and I were getting ready to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and discussing what we...

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Get Your Workout On! {Amazing Abs Workout at Home}

Let's be honest . . . I love junk food (duh. Have you seen some of the treats on this blog? I swear my thighs grow every time I look at a picture of those Samoa Brownies!). Thankfully our size 6 mother (that's right- she gave birth to six girls and she seriously wears like a size 6 . . . and she can do the splits . . . and she has a six-pack . . . amazing, right?) instilled a love of being active in each of us. Some of us run marathons, some of...

Get Your Workout On! {The TV Workout}

Workout Idea from: Healthy is Always Better (a great place to find inspiration for being healthy!) This week is the season premiere of many of my favorite TV shows . . . it is easy for me to not watch TV when I don't have any new episodes to watch, but every fall I find myself plopping my bum on the couch and parking it there to watch the latest and greatest. But not this year! I have made a personal goal to always be doing SOMETHING while...

Words to Sweat By: A Workout Giveaway!


Happy. Necklace 4.Cupcake Mantra Towel 5.Transform Bracelet 6.Healthy. Strong. Happy. Tank Starting a fitness program and sticking with it is hard for everyone.  But with these fun (and funny!) reminders, it's easier to stay on task. It's so nice to have my own cute towel instead of borrowing from the gym's bleach pile, too! I've been wearing my patience bracelet all week, and every time I look down it helps me remember that change doesn't happe...

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Get Your Workout On! {Burn 100 Calories Right Now}

I am one of those people who thinks that every minute you exercise counts . . . so even if you only have 10 minutes, do this quick workout and burn a couple of calories! I actually did this while my kids played Little People at my feet . . . ha ha! My 4 year old kept asking what as I doing and in-between breaths (okay . . . they were more like gasps) I told her that mom was getting her workout on. She joined me for the last few moves . . . i...

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“Strong Confident You” Workout Giveaway

Strong Confident You Collage 3

I'll be completely honest with you - all six of us LOVE to eat, and we especially love to eat delicious desserts. Even though we do love more "unhealthy" foods, we all love to exercise as well. I think it was passed on to us from our mom. Every morning for as long as I can remember, my mom has gotten out of bed at the crack of dawn to workout, even when all six of us lived at the house! Rain, shine, and snow, she was (and is) always sure to ge...

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