Six Sisters Strong 4-Week At-Home Workout Program

4 Week At-Home Workout Program

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new Six Sisters Strong 4-week at-home workout program!

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We created this at-home program because we know how busy you are, and how hard it can be to make it to the gym. All six of us sisters have struggled at weight with some point in our lives.  We grew up playing sports and have always been pretty active, but now that we?re older we have realized we have less and less time to workout!  Between kids, school, work and social lives it can be so hard to find the time, and it can be pretty intimidating stepping into a gym with a bunch of complicated equipment.

We’ve spent months gathering feed back and running tests to make sure that this 4-week program is cost-effective, easy to follow, and gets results that you’re looking for. You can read more about the program below.

Here's what we love

  • This program is only 28 days long. That makes it easier to get through the whole program from start to finish (and easy to start over or pick back up if you miss a day!).
  • This entire program is designed specifically for WOMEN – targeting those areas that seem to always be bugging us: midsection, legs, and the back of the arms.
  • The workouts are made to be done AT HOME. That means no worrying about finding someone to babysit the kids so you can go to the gym! It also means you can squeeze them in before the kids wake up in the morning or squeeze it in during nap-time – no packing up the kids to take them to the gym with you.
  • The moves in this workout plan are specifically designed to help you lose weight, but more importantly – get fit. Not just to look better, but to be stronger for anything that life throws at you.


Here's what you'll love

  • The workouts are easy to follow with video demonstrations and pictures to walk you through and hold your hand throughout the entire process … we are here for you!
  • The gym can be a bit intimidating – but with these at-home workouts, there’s no feeling self conscious about your form or your size or how fast or how slow you are going. This removes the worry of “what people are thinking” so you can focus on reaching your goals.
  • You can control the pace of the workouts. If you need to watch a video 4 times until you feel comfortable trying the move yourself, you can! If it takes you longer to pick up on certain techniques – no big deal! When you workout from home, you won’t become as easily overwhelmed or feel like you can’t do it because you can take your time and learn at your own pace.
  • The workouts are laid out for you so you don’t have to do any thinking or guessing on your own. They are designed by Fiture personal training, a team of certified personal trainers who have helped countless women achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.
  • By getting into better shape you will see a positive impact in your confidence, how you fit into your clothes, your relationships, your kids, your career, and your overall well being – and we could all benefit from that. 🙂


HERE'S what you'll get

4 weeks of workouts (sample)

Guided help: videos and images of how to do each exercise, as well as recommended equipment

Fitness Test – for before and after

Goal Setting Worksheet

4 Weeks of meal plans and shopping lists (sample meal plan)



?I have always been active, but I have struggled with my weight and strength. At 60 years old I wanted to find a program that would give me the tools I needed for better nutrition and more strength. And let?s face it, every girl wants to look good. The Six Sister?s Strong Program was my answer. One of my goals was to be strong enough to pack my special grandson Landon on his class field trip. Though many of the dads offered to help I said, ?Thank you, but I have trained to do this on my own.? We made it, oxygen tank and all! I am so happy that I joined the program. It really changed my ability to have the strength I need to be a farm wife and grandmother.? – Debbie H

?I love Six Sisters Strong! I have struggled with being overweight for many years and failed time and time again with different diets and/or exercise programs. This program is the complete package! Healthy, yummy meal plans; at-home and gym exercises created by trainers. The Goal Setting Workbook…and motivation were key for me. I dropped one size, had muscle definition and felt stronger than I had in years. I’m still using the program on my own and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.? – Jeneane W

?I joined the Six Sister Strong program back in April hoping to lose some weight and change the way my family eats.  I have 2 teenage boys living at home and they are picky eaters.  They loved all the meals I cooked which was nice so I did not have to cook 2 meals at dinner time.  My whole family was eating healthy! The best part is someone told what to make for each meal!! The workouts were easy to understand and simple to do. I ended up losing 12 pounds during the program and felt great!  The trainers were very helpful and encouraging. Thanks Six Sisters for coming up with a program that really works.? – Kristy F

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