Skinny Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe

After having a baby, I feel a little depressed after thinking about getting back in shape.  You may have realized by now that our famiy loves dessert.  Trust me, we have tried to go without, but it just makes life so unbearable! Rather than giving dessert up completely, I decided to try a dessert I don’t have to feel as guilty about.  Even my husband devoured these cupcakes! 

Serves: 24

Skinny Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe

10 minPrep Time

20 minCook Time

30 minTotal Time

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  • Cupcakes:
  • 1 pkg. Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix (just the powder, not the recipe on the box)
  • 1 (12 ounce) can Sprite Zero
  • Frosting:
  • 1 (8 ounce) container Fat Free Cool Whip
  • 1 (1.5 ounce) pkg. Fat Free Vanilla Jello Instant Pudding (just the powder, not the recipe on the box)


  1. Cupcakes:
  2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Line 24 cupcake tins with paper liners.  In a large bowl, combine cake mix and Sprite together.  Continue to mix until the batter is smooth without any lumps.  Pour approximately 1/4 cup of batter into every cupcake wrapper.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  Let cool before frosting.
  4. Frosting:
  5. In a mixing bowl, add Cool Whip and pudding.  Mix with a whisk by hand or an electric hand mixer until smooth.  Spread over cooled cupcakes.  Makes enough frosting for 24 cupcakes.

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145 Responses to “Skinny Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe”

    • Hi Jenn!

      You can use any other cake mix flavors! If you are making cupcakes with a dark cake mix, use a dark diet soda such as Diet Coke. If you are making light cake mix, use a light colored diet soda. Hope that helps! I have tried Devil's Food Cake mix with Diet Coke and it was so good!
  1. To the poster above, these cupcakes are a staple with Weight Watchers followers (myself included) and I"ve made them with Diet Coke + Chocolate cake, Diet Orange + Vanilla cake, Diet Sprite + Lemon cake, Diet Cherry Coke + Devil's Food cake, etc. You can be as creative as you want!

    They all turn out great, IMO!

    Mine are never this pretty, though!! The photo is awesome. You can almost taste the cupcake just by looking. :)
      • Jessie
        I used to round pans for this (as well as Diet Sierra Mist, since the store I was at didn't have the Sprite), and mine came out tasty but definitely a bit doughy. Also, the cakes didn't rise very much, and I'm wondering if maybe that's because I let the cake batter sit and then mixed it again before pouring it into the pans? It tastes good, but I wouldn't serve it at anyone's birthday or anything without perfecting it first.
    • It is full of terrible ingredients. To think you are being healthy just because you skimmed off some calories is dangerous. The funfetti cake mix alone is full of hydrogenated oils. Also, here is a link for the controversial ingredients in "cool whip" (which by the way, Cool Whip brand is not even a dairy product and does not even contain cream!It is made up mostly of high fructose corn syrup and water) If people would go back to eating REAL food, we'd see a decrease in chronic illnesses.
      • AMEN CHRISTINA. I don't see why people think your post was "rude" or "mean", I did not find it either. If you're trying to get healthy as most of you have said to her comment, then why would you want to poison yourselves even more with processed food with horrid ingrediants created in a lab? Not only that, but to promote diet sodas is not healthy at all, it contains high levels of ASPARTAME which has not only been proven over and over through scientific research to cause cancer amongst many other health issues, but was denied by the FDA 19 TIMES before money began to speak louder than health, as usual with the US FDA, sadly. We need to take responsibility back and stop allowing these companies to poison us for the sake of a frickin' cupcake. You can make HEALTHY desserts that taste much better than processed food. All this site is doing is combining cheap, processed products, most made in China to boot with little to no regulation. Just because someone says something you don't want to hear, doesn't mean that person is "rude" or "mean". Do your own research and make an INFORMED decision. Read scientific journals and non-biased literature. Just because you lose weight doesn't mean your body is healthy. Reduced calorie diets started out as a fad for a reason.
      • No one said they were healthy. They just said they are "skinny", meaning they aren't made with the usual full fat eggs and oils like regular cupcakes. If you don't like it, don't make them. No wonder this world is going down the tubes. People can't just keep their rude comments to themselves.
    • Christina, I think something you need to remember is that people are here looking at this recipe because they have made a concious effort to get healthier. For most people, this begins by trying to reduce calories in their favorite food choices (like cake). From there, they may realize that they can get all-around healthier food at home without using the chemically enhanced stuff most of us are used to. However, this is usually a gradual change. It takes a huge shift in paradigm just to start looking for healthier food choices instead of running through the drive through for dinner. Then, switching to making food at home with a little help (like boxed cake mix) may eventually switch into making food completely from scratch and avoiding the "questionable" ingredients.
      If you want people to see your point, try being supportive of the change they are trying to make in their life and offering an alternative. Do you have another recipe that is similar to funfetti cake that is low in calories and made of only "real" food? Instead of just lecturing them on how what they are doing is bad, try to show them a better path. However, being condecending and rude is NOT the way to get people to eat healthier. As you can see from the above replies, your criticisms were not taken warmly by the people you were trying to "warn" with your comment.
      Just food for thought...
      • She has an opinion and she is entitled to state it. I don't understand why everyone is getting mad because her opinion is not their opinion. It's not healthy, it's trading out calories with different artificial calories. Try not to tell someone how to have an opinion.
    • Hopefully people aren't eating this every day and your body is perfectly capable of handling this kind of recipe in small amounts - a "normal" cupcake is just as bad for you ? show me a truly healthy cupcake and I will applaud you. If you want to be perfectly healthy then you can't eat them at all I reckon.
    • Christina, is someone going to force you to eat these? I thought not. As Delia said, if you have a recipe that you would like to present as an alternative, do so, but don't verbally abuse someone (especially on their own site) for presenting a low(er) calorie cupcake option for those people counting calories.

      Toxicity data always goes hand in hand with DOSE -- a discussion of one without the other is absolutely meaningless. Water is toxic to the system too, at the right dose. I'm not saying these cupcakes are healthy in the way that eating fruit or veggies as a snack would be. Sugary foods should always be a "sometime treat," but the ingredients list is far from the dire catastrophe you make it out to be.

      My qualifications on the subject, before anyone asks? A doctoral degree.
  2. I made these today after being reeled in from the gorgeous pinterest picture. I've never had anything like them before (or any WW dessert), so I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't care for the consistency, it was a little strange. The cake part sort of just collapsed when I bit into it. It wasn't very cakey. The frosting was great, but required about 1 cup of milk to make it work. I enjoyed trying something new and different, so thanks for the post. At least now I can add a new frosting recipe to my repertoire.
  3. How did you get the frosting so white? When I mixed the Cool Whip and pudding mix it turned a light yellow (I don't know why this surprised me, I know very well what vanilla pudding looks like), which made it hard to dye blue. Also a warning: as delicious as it is, it is pretty thick which made it hard to pipe so it doesn't make a great decorative frosting.
  4. I made them- they were good (slightly gummy in the middle too, I would have given them another 2-3 minutes but my hubs took them out and didn't have the slightest idea how to check if they were cooked). BUT my question was when to frost them. Since its whip cream you have to refrigerate it don't you? So do you just gobble them all up in a day or do you put them in the fridge or just frost them as you need them? I Ended up mixing the frosting, frosting a few for that day then putting the rest of the frosting in the fridge for later. Only problem was that it started to set b/c of the pudding (didn't think that through all the way). Any suggestions if you family isn't going to eat them all in a day?
  5. Hi there! I attempted these last night and for some reason, the bottom halves just did NOT cook completely. I followed all the instructions exactly (including putting in exactly 1/4 a cup of batter, which I think might've been too much) and even cooked them about 25-28 minutes, but the bottoms still came out with a super-gummy texture.
    Has anyone else had this problem? I'm chalking it up to the fact that I'm in high altitude, but I'd love to know if anyone else experienced the same thing; tops cooked, bottoms gummy and yuck.
  6. I LOVE these! They are so easy to make and taste delicious. I've been buying all kinds of mixes and making them with the sprite zero. So easy! I have a quick question... should these be kept in the refrigerator because of the Cool Whip Frosting or does the pudding mix do something to the Cool Whip to make it ok at room temperature??? I think they taste better at room temperature, but I've been too afraid to leave them out. Thanks!!!
  7. Thank you so much for this post!! First time making these and I am so excited! My BF and I are on (Struggling to be on lol) the WW diet and snacks are our biggest problem.. we always seem to be hungry in between meals and craving goodies like these! I'm a big baker and these are perfect. Super easy and only 1.5 points? I'm all in. I just made my first batch and I'm in love!! Can't wait for him to get home and try them tonight-thanks for sharing!
  8. I would like to say that I am a personal trainer, exercise therapist, and nutritionist and if you want to lose weight and be healthy then this will not really help with your goals. Less calories doesn't mean healthier. Try sticking with real food and just limiting your portions. Processed ingredients wreak so much havoc on your body. It doesn't recognize what you're putting in it and will cause more health problems than making food from scratch with more calories. The diet industry has really confused a majority of people! Just FYI :)
  9. I just wanted to let you know-I am following weight watchers right now and I plugged the recipe into the recipe builder and I get that these are 2 points for one cupcake. I ate 3 and it told me that was 7 points. So they must be a smidge over 2 points apiece. Not sure where the 1.5 came from...Weight watchers also doesn't do 1/2 points. They either round up or round down. But I was very excited to find this recipe regardless-thanks for sharing!
  10. I just made these and they did come out pretty gummy even though i followed the recipe perfectly. It also did not make anywhere near 24 cupcakes lol only 16 even though i only used a 1/4 cup to measure them out. I assume this ups the calorie count but I'm not sure by how much. My boyfriend loved them, though, so that's a good thing! Anything to get the guy to eat a little healthier.
  11. Well the cup cakes didn't turn out well, I think I baked them too long. So I did another cake w/Sprite in a cake pan instead of cup cakes and put blue food coloring in it, I should have put more food coloring in because it turned out a little green on top but blue throughout the rest. It was an instant hit. So Very Moist! There wasn't hardly a bite left, thank you for this recipe :)
  12. I just made it as a cake for the curiosity factor! it definitely has its pros and cons.. but overall not bad.. it seems to act a little like an angel food cake (being delicate, and a different texture while eating)... I'll make it again in summer to go with some fruit for sure! but personally.. i'll probably stick to the eggs and oil ;) It was nice to keep the white color without digging out egg yolks tho!
  13. So I made these last night - the cake turned out great. But we made the icing right after the cupcakes and refrigerated it until the cupcakes were cool. Well by the time we took the icing out to ice the cupcakes, it was really clumpy and didn't look very appealing. Did you make your icing right before you iced the cupcakes? And did the consistency change on the cupcakes after you refrigerated them? Ours tasted good, the icing just looked gross.
  14. Thanks so much for the recipe. We made these yesterday. Here is the link to ours....

    My boys LOVED the cake, but the icing was not our favorite. But it was easy and fun to try!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Pam @
  15. If you are honestly here because you are making a conscious effort to get healthy, PLEASE do not believe that this recipe is the way to go...have mercy, read the ingredient lists on each of these "foods", then look up all of the words you can't pronounce. This does not equal healthy or even safe.
  16. After lettimg the frosting set for a bit the gritty texture dissolved :) Thanks for the recipe. Im trying to get my kids to eat better and even though this isnt extremely healthy anything helps. Better than candy. My husband even liked them. I actually made spice cake cupcakes with cheesecake pudding frosting. They were very good!
  17. I just made this, and left them in the oven for 20 min as directed, when i took them out to cool,i wanted to see how they good they would come out of the cupcake holders, they are do not come off the paper easily and the actual cake part seemed really dense and not like a normal cupcake, the taste was great but not sure how easy its going to be to get them out. and I had to add 1/3 cup of milk to help with the frosting, without the mild the frosting was really thick and the taste of the vanilla pudding really stuck out. But over all I think they will be delish! Thank you for the suggestion!
  18. I can't wait to try these! I'm currently out of vanilla pudding mix and was wondering if you could use chocolate pudding mix the same way. Anybody tried it? Seems like it should work but was curious if its been done before! Thanks so much for all of your's always a win for me!
  19. im trying this tomorrow! my usual recipe is with devils food cake mix duncan hines brand with a container of no sugar added apple sauce and egg substitue (2 wwp+) ...they come out just like normal cupcakes but this diet soda metgod would be quicker! a butterfinger crushed and mixed into a tub of free cool whip is the best "frosting" (1 wwp+)
  20. Jenny
    I'm having a family gathering and including several types of cupcakes. I like to just set them all out for people to help themselves- can these be set at room temperature(indoors with A/C on) or will the frosting melt?
  21. Jeffrey
    Just wanted to say that I love your site, your pic, and the avatars. Very cute. My partner and I love sweets but since we're not getting any younger, we've been looking for lighter fare sweets and we found you. The cupcakes were as good as they look on the photo. Thanks so much! Jeffrey & Jason
  22. I made these, followed the recipe but instead of vanilla pudding, I used sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding, and they were absolutely delicious. I am trying to watch what I eat, and counting calories is my biggest hurdle, so these work perfectly into my diet whenever I need a pick me up. Thank you! =)
  23. Stephanie
    Hi, I'd would like to add that I have done something similar to this with white cake mix, sprite zero and added in about a cup of drained light fruit cocktail (I used the no sugar added fruit cocktail). Put it in a 8" square baking pan and bake for about 30-35 mins. Serve warm with a dollop of fat free cool whip. Tastes like a fruit cobbler.... delish!!!
  24. My favorite version I've made of these so far was using milk chocolate cake mix with Vanilla Coke Zero, then chocolate pudding in the frosting. I like that it's easy to just make a few of these without making a whole batch. To make three perfect cupcakes, I use 1/2 cup of cake mix and 1/4 cup of soda for the batter, then 1/4 cup of cool whip and 1 tsp of pudding mix for the frosting. I've also found that 23 minutes at 350 is the perfect bake time.
  25. I was a little hesitant to make these because of the negative comments I saw from the people who actually tried making these. Well I decided I wasn't going to pass up on something that seemed so great and I am so glad. I followed the directions and these came out perfect! They were very moist and did not taste like a "skinny" version at all! I brought them to a party and someone told me they were the best cupcakes I had ever made! I would recommend these and look forward to making them again!
  26. This looks like a great recipe! I cannot wait to try it. As for some of the comments above...opinions can be given without using a condescending "tone". The term "skinny" is used to describe lower calorie items. As for the unhealthy contents of cool whip and cake batter, people who really carecan nust not eat it. Most of use use google and watch the news. Its easy to research things and become more educated. We are adults and have a choice in how we eat. Often I get frustrated at the amount of people verbally assaulting others based on chemical food products. Perhaps you should check your beauty products and clothing. Do you grow your own veggies? Do you have your own livestock? Do you make your own clothes? Most importantly check your tylenol in the medicine cabinet. Then take your hypocritical attitude to another site.
  27. I love the cupcakes! I just have one question. I used my fitness life app to add up the calories and it says if the recipe makes 24 cupcakes, each one would only be 34 calories. Cake mix (mix only) = 160 + sprite zero = 0 + fat free vanilla instant pudding (mix only) = 150 + light whipped topping = 500. Add that up and divide it by 24 it makes 34 calories each. What am i doing wrong?
  28. Jennifer
    sorry this recipe is a complete fail. I would rather eat a yogurt than the wasted 110 calories on one of these cupcakes. The frosting turned out a mess and was hard to even get off the beaters, the cupcakes themselves were sticky enough to stick to your teeth.
  29. Just made these, I thought they were awful! I was so disappointed as it was a waste of time and money for ingredients . Like another comment I saw posted they took much longer to bake, about 35 mins, and they had a gross texture kind of sticky and the frosting was gross! Deleting this pin and hope others can read this and not ware time like I just did!! Worth the calories and points for the real thing
  30. These were easy to make. I only got 12 cupcakes out of the mix and that was the perfect sized cupcake for us.I only had to bake them for 20 minutes. They stick a little to the paper but that happens sometimes. I did use the fat free/sugar free pudding only because I added marshmallows and a piece of chocolate to mine (I made little lambs for our Easter treats at work) Thanks for the recipe it was great!!!

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