Six Sisters’ Stuff Kitchen Remodel: Flooring


I am so excited to talk to you about our Armstrong Flooring today!

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When we bought our house, the main level had peach carpet and a really orange hardwood throughout.  I love hardwood flooring, but being a busy mom with kids I just didn’t know if the upkeep of real wood was for me.  I also felt like it looked really dated and wanted something new and fresh that better fit my taste.  I was SO EXCITED to find Armstrong Flooring!


Armstrong offers hundreds of different flooring options for you to choose from.  From hardwood floors to luxury vinyl flooring, Armstrong has something you are going to LOVE!  I immediately fell in love with the Armstrong Architectural Laminate.  Armstrong recently released a new line of laminates that look just like reclaimed wood.  They are all absolutely gorgeous! I loved the natural look of it and everyone who has come into our home thinks it is real wood!  It is so easy to take care of and is perfect for areas in your home that see a lot of traffic.

We decided to remove all the carpet and wood flooring from the main level of our home.  It was quite the task but I am absolutely thrilled with the results!

My husband and I may not be the handiest people around, but we knew we could tackle this project on our own.  Here is a video showing a little bit of the process:

Here are a few steps and pointers that helped us in installing our Armstrong Architectural Laminate:

We started by laying down the underlayment (we skipped this in the video for the sake of time and went back to lay it down).   The underlayment comes in large rolls that you can roll out and cut to the size of your room.  Use the tape provided to seal the pieces of your underlayment together.

Staring in one corner of the room, lay the first row of laminate down the entire length of the room.


Your laminate won’t fit exactly every time, so measure and use a mitre saw to cut it to the appropriate length.


As you can see, Armstrong Architectural Laminate comes in a variety of different widths.  Planks come in 7″, 5″ and 3″ widths.  We laid ours down in the following order: 5″ row, 7″ row, 5″ row, 3″ row, repeated.  Also when we started a new row, we would start by cutting the first piece we laid down by a few inches to give the flooring a staggered look.

lock fold tighten.jpg
As you saw in the video, you simply fold and lock the grooves on each board into place.  Occasionally, you will need to tap a few of the boards into place to keep your flooring nice and tight.  Like we mentioned in the video, you will want to use a rubber mallet and another piece of wood so you don’t damage the laminate.

We had a few intricate cuts around our kitchen island, but just used a jigsaw to cut them to the right shape.  Other than that, just keep laying your laminate row by row!

We also installed T-moldings along the bottom of our stairs and at the base of our fireplace for a finished look and smooth transition between surfaces.

finished floor.jpg.jpg

After just a few hours, we had transformed our kitchen and dining room floor!  We had never laid any type of flooring and were pretty nervous to do it on our own, but because of Armstrong’s Lock and Fold Flooring, it made it so simple!  Trust me, if we can do it, so can you!

We have a few more Armstrong projects up our sleeves and can’t wait to share them with you!  Armstrong Flooring has totally transformed the look of our home and we couldn’t be happier!

If you are looking to transform the look of your home on a budget, check out Armstrong Flooring!

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Disclosure:  Armstrong Flooring generously supplied flooring for our home.  All opinions are my own.

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11 Responses to “Six Sisters’ Stuff Kitchen Remodel: Flooring”

  1. Samantha
    This flooring really does look great! We just recently replaced the laminate in our upstairs also, and although we used Kiendl, I think it was about the same to install. We had a bit of a struggle because we removed a wall in our remodel, and the floor on one side of the wall was slightly higher than the floor on the other side, so we ended up with a bit of a 'hill' in the middle of the room that is now our living/dining open area. It still looks ok, though - flooring is such a great way to 'spruce up' (pardon the pun) a place!
  2. Lauren
    We are currently building a new home and want the look of hardwood flooring with the durability of laminate; however, I'm concerned about using it in my kitchen because of spills. What is your experience with water on your new floor?
    • Elyse Ellis
      Hi Lauren! I haven't had any problem with spills! I have two little boys so we have seen quite a few of them but I just wipe it up with a damp paper towel and you wouldn't even know! Also, because this flooring has a reclaimed look it hides spills and crumbs really well. :)
  3. This looks great! I have been walking on subfloor for a while now, while I try to figure out what I want on the floors in my kitchen. I really like this color and the different-width boards idea. I looked on the Armstrong website and can't see a product that looks like yours. Would you be able to tell me the specific name/color of the product you used?
  4. We've had Armstrong laminate for 8 years and it looks as good today as the day it was installed. I noticed your stainless steel appliances. We just upgraded to stainless and I am having a terrible time keeping them streak free when cleaning. Any advice?

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